Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good Happenings...

Dearest everyone,
would you look at me. already done with a two whole weeks of the MTC.  it's just too exciting for words.  okay so first off, emailing is probably the most stressful part of the MTC.  They give you 30 minutes, and they put this little timer up in the corner of the screen that just keeps ticking down.  it's so stressful.  When it gets to 0, it logs you off, even if you haven't sent your letter.  last time i had ten seconds to spare when i sent my letter.  it's amazing how short 30 minutes feels.  alrighty. so anyway!  how is everyone doing?? the MTC is still just terrific.  there always something happening, seeing as 24 hours of each day is planned out to the T.  but it's good happenings.  this week, we're teaching a couple of new investigators.  one's name is jean, and the other we don't know yet, but it's a really great experience.  trying to express yourself and bear testimony in french is a little challenging (by a little i mean a lot) and it's just pretty intense.  but i like it. it's good to have a challenge every once in awhile. or everyday as is the case in this situation haha.  hmm. by the time i get around to emailing, i never know what to say. and i don't have time to think about it cause that nasty little clock in the corner of the screen is always counting down....
well first off, i'll tell you about my district.  it's absolutely great. i love them all.  first off, there's my companion, Elder Szuch. i think i already told you about him, but a little bit about him is that he went to the Airforce Academy, comes from a family of 9 kids, and he's just a great guy.  i like him a lot.  then there's Elder talbot and elder hulse.  elder talbot comes from cincinatti ohio haha. so naturally i always tease him about being a corn farmer. at first he would correct me and try to convince me that there really isn't that much corn in ohio, but now he's started to admit it and plays along nicely haha. he's a funny kid.  then elder hulse is from Kaysville utah. super exciting right? um let's see... he's a funny kid also, he has these glasses, that look like racquetball goggles. they're simply marvelous.  he kind of looks like a nerd, but he's a cool kid overall.  haha and i'm not being rude, i'm just trying to describe them as best i can!  next there's the three amigos! they're all latino (i'm told that's the correct term) and they're all super funny.  First is Elder Laguan. he's a dance and politics major at the U, interesting combination eh? he's originally from el salvador but lives in orem now.  he's an interesting cookie and in his own words, "the whitest mexican you'll know" very true.  then there's elder osorio.  He's from st george utah, originally from mexico, and he's kind of the quiet kind.  he has such a strong testimony of the gospel though. he's a convert of just two years, and he's the only one in his family that's a member.  i respect him a lot.  he has such a strong testimony of just the fundimentals of the gospel, and we're told that if we have that, we'll be terrific missionaries.  then there's elder ato.  oh my heavens. he's a keeper haha. he's from peru! crazy eh? he speaks spanish, portugese and english, although his english is kind of shakey.  he's such a funny kid though. he just has so many interesting things about him.  he literally grew up in the jungle. he's like Moguley (i butchered that spelling but you get the picture maybe).  he wrastled snakes and kills monkeys and all sorts of things! crazy! but this kid is just a trooper.  he's learning to speak french in an english environment, and english isn't even his first language. and he's not completely fluent in it either. sometimes he struggles, but he almost always has a good attitude.  another funny fact, is that this kid is girl crazy. i honestly think he's trying to find a wife while at the mtc haha.  but we don't know what to do about it.  we try and tell him that, and he knows that girls are off limits, but he just has this huge crush on this one girl.  it's an interesting situation we're in haah.  next we have the sisters.  sister sandival and sister hansen.  both of them are great.  sister sandival is from california, but was going to school at byu. she's pretty good at french, after taking a couple of years there, and she's a funny girl.  then sister hansen. she's like our walking dictionary. it's terrific.  she is actually a french major from byu and can already speak fluent french.  she even taught for a little as a student at byu, so it's terrific to have her.  she's going to tahiti, so she has to learn tahitian too, that's why she's here for so long with us.  oh also, i don't where everone is going.  szuch hulse and i are all going to paris.  laguan osorio ato talbot and sandoval are all going to montreal. and then tahiti for hansen.  it's just magical right?
hmm let's see..... interesting fact, there's only two of us in our room.  it's quite nice.  so we don't have to deal with any roommates.  most rooms have 4 but we got lucky for some reason.  we'll probably get more when the next french district comes in and we're not the noobies anymore, but we'll enjoy it while it lasts haha.  alrighty so.  story time?
so this week we watched the movie The Testiments on Sunday.  and that movie. oh man. it gets me everytime haha.  first off, how could they show that to missionaries? it's pretty much a love story for goodness sakes.  most of the elders around me were crying from the reminder that it gave them.  i'm going to talk to the administration.  haha no i jest, and seriously, i love that movie.  every time i watch it, i feel the spirit so strongly.  at the end part, when it shows how jesus died for us and then was risen again, ah i love it.  it makes me so grateful for everything that jesus has done for me.  he suffered for our us, so that we could be forgiven and return to live with God.  my favorite scripture for the week is Alma 6:11-12 and Isaiah 53:3-5.
okay so i'm sorry this is kind of all over the place, but i'm running out of time.  so i guess i'll do what i usually do when i get nervous and don't know what to do, share a scripture.  so one of our teachers this week showed us this scripture and then i read it in mike's letter too, and i just love it.  i think i'm going to make it my missionary plaque picture since i haven't chosen one yet (oops) but it's D&C 123:17.  enjoy haha. alrighty, well i'm out of time, but i hope everyone is doing well! good luck with everything you're doing and à bientot! bonne chance!!

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