Monday, October 22, 2012


Okay so first off, there are so many changes happening at home! that's crazy! it's so weird to see all these young people getting ready to put their papers in! that announcement in conference just blew my world haha and i can't imagine for the people that it actually affects directly. crazy crazy. that's gnarly though for everyone! tell them good luck for me. or something less cliché if you want haha.

anyway, as you probably know, this weekend was transfers! so are you ready to hear the big news?? well, elder johnson is going! he is going to cergy in paris and he will be training a new little baby! so he's really excited about that, and then i will be staying here in caen! and i'm pretty excited about that too. i don't know why, but caen isn't even getting old for me at all. i'm so ready to stay a fourth here. my new companion is going to be a brand new zone leader. his name is elder reed, and he is canadian. ew i know right? but you can't always chose where they are from right? haha no i'm joking it's going to be great. i'm going to have fun teasing him though. so anyway, what i know of him as of now is that he is one transfer younger than me, we knew each other in the mtc, but since then i haven't seen him. he's a really good innocent happy kid who will really be ready to learn i think. i'm really excited because i think he will really just be a sponge so i will have the chance to really help him. hopefully i don't mess up haha. so that'll be fun to train a new zone leader. on other exciting new for transfers, little baby boy elder andrus got called as a zone leader! so that's sweet. he is such a good kid and i knew it was coming. and guess where he is going??? VILLENEUVE D'ASCQ! i'm so so so excited for him. i talked to him last night when he called in to report stats, and he is so excited. i told him to say hi to everyone there from me, especially cedric and gregory, and i'm just so excited for him. we're ending up serving in the exact same areas haha it's sweet. but i'm not going to lie, i'm sad to see him go from my zone, but at least i'll see him every month for ZL council. as to other happenings, guess who is dying on wednesday????? papa! elder coleman is dying this transfer! so weird! it's honestly just so crazy to think that he is going to be gone. what ever will we do... but on the bright side, i'm going into paris on wednesday to pick up my new comp, so we've planned lunch together before he gets shipped out. it's so weird though cause a lot of my comps are getting realllllllly close to going home. elder andrus has one left, elder dick and elder johnson both have two... i'm next. ew. mais bon, on fait avec. it's weird though because i am now one of the senior zone leaders... super weird. time passes way too fast. but i'm eating a delicious panini right now so it's fine.

anyway, as to the rest of the week, everything is going well here in caen. as of now and looking a little at our past couple of transfers, i've decided i'm going to put a lot more focus on finding. because we find people and it's great, but i really don't want to miss that person that is ready right then to be baptized. so that's what we're going to do this transfer. we're going to find teach and baptize at least one person in 6 weeks. bam. hooray. so it's going to be great. i'm really excited. as to our amis right now, everyone is going pretty well. stanley came to church yesterday and we gave him a white shirt and tie with a suit coat, and he looked so fly. it was so sweet. so augustine came in a fresh grey suit, and stanley had the sports coat look going (since we didn't have matching pants, we do the best we can) and they just both looked so nice. it was sweet. such good people. and we also have an interview set up for them on tuesday so they can recieve the aaronic priesthood, and it's so great. the sisters have another nigerian friend that is getting baptized soon, and we're going to have one of them baptize her. it's going to be so great. as to jude, the other person that had a baptismal date, we kinda lost contact with him this week. he still have the desire to be baptized, he just has a lot of problems with his life and papers and he is just really occupied by those things, so we haven't seen him in awhile. so we'll probably see him again this week sometime, but we're really going to have to help him understand the importance of everything and church assistance and such. we'll see how everything goes with him. ça va aller. so this week, what did we do... i don't even remember, it's kinda just come and gone.. weird. too many crazy things happening this weekend that i forgot the week. oh one thing we had a nice little trip to rouen this week. we went to their district meeting again because president was going to be there and he invited us too, so we moved some rdvs around and bought some tickets out to rouen. it was a good little meeting, and elder andrus is the district leader out there, and his district meetings are so good, so it was great. other things... honestly i cannot remember at all... "no news is good news" right? ha but it really was a good week and it was a good week to end our reign here in caen. now i have to train a replacement.

it's going to be really weird to be the senior comp again. cause it's just been 50/50 for the past long while, and it's going to be weird to have to lead. it'll be sweet though. we'll have a lot of fun. i'm excited to train a new zone leader. it'll be great.

oh one last thing, we're going to the beaches today! going out to omaha beach and the american cimetary and everything, so that's going to be way cool. i'll show you pictures next time.

well anyway, hope everything is going great out there chez vous. love you all and have a great week! bisous!

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