Saturday, January 5, 2013

Joyeux Noel!

bonjour tout le monde!
joyeux noël!

can you believe it's already christmas again? oh là. i hope everyone is doing just great and is feeling the great spirit of christmas that is in the air. here in compiègne life is going well. the work is kind of slow at the moment, but should be okay. we are currently still working with about no one, but we're still building and it's really challenging at the moment with all the holidays. there are just so many other things that are going on that we couldn't fix rdvs with anyone last week or this week cause they were too busy preparing for christmas and new years. but we have a list of people a mile long that we need to contact after the holidays, so i think that things should take off again at that point. it's hard because we don't have any solid investigators yet, so no one that is used to us teaching them or knows us, and this time of year isn't really the time of year for strangers, so they don't really let us come teach them at the moment. but it's okay, everything should go fine eventually. patience i suppose. i feel like patience sometimes is an excuse though ha. mais bon, we keep trecking along teaching who will listen.

on the good side of things though, we taught these two guys from kenya who are just so great. they are here for a race that they are running in, they do cross country and they flew out here to run in a race in paris, so that's kind of fun. but they are just so open and so ready to receive the gospel. on the bad side, they went home to kenya this last weekend, but we did give them a book of mormon in swahili and took their numbers and such to give to the missionaries in kenya, so that should be good. they should be coming back in like 3ish months for another race so they said they would call us then.

so on another bright side, the world didn't end on friday! so that's a plus. nothing too exciting happened out here though, we did have a bunch of people tell us about all the crazy things that were going on in the states though. from what i hear, a lot of people made a lot of money selling bunkers and things like that ha. they french wouldn't stop telling us about how funny some americans are. twas a good day.

we also had our christmas conference this week. at the conference, we watched excerpt from a movie that is called Iron Will. i would recommend watching it, cause after our conference that's all i wanted to do. it's about this kid who does everything that it takes to win a sled race and how he does it. you'll have to watch it and tell me what you think. they related it to missionary work and there were a lot of golden things. it talks a lot about how if we really want something then nothing can hold us back from it. it all depends on the desire though. if we don't want it enough then we probably won't get it. there were also a lot of other great things and quotes, but i think you would like it a lot. we have a good president and he has a good wife.

oh also, as to our christmas party where we were supposed to do something, we decided to play and sing o holy night cause we couldn't think of anything else to do, so we got that all ready, did some practicing in any off time that we had waiting for rdvs or something and finally got it ready, at least mostly, and then we go to the party to perform and such. so we go through the whole night, and as it turns out, no one who we had told that we were doing something had ever told anyone else i guess, so we didn't do anything haha. raté. but on the other hand, we did have some good food. and also, the next day, the ward gave us both huge christmas presents filled with candy and yums and such. we have soooo much junk food in the apartment. especially since elder christensen got like 7 packages this week. so we're gonna be fat. at least we do ab ripper X in the morning so we're fine. maybe.

well, as to other things, there is a letter in the mail for you mom and dad, and as to christmas presents, you'll have to wait everyone. sorry but hopefully you still love me. me and elder christensen are putting together a joint package that we will send home someday here to either you or his parents and then you will be forced to go eat dinner with them or something to go retrieve your things. anyways, i'm going to talk to you tomorrow, so you can have a more detailed report of the week then.

love you and have a merry christmas! Unto us is born this day in the city of david a Savior which is Christ the Lord. remember the reason!

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