Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bonjour De France


okay so here's the deal. not a huge deal, but i'm in france. bad news though is that i'm typing on a french keyboard. bleh. oh wait i just found how to change it to english. how novel. anyways, it's my first day in the field!!!! and oof. i'm tired. but i'm not gonna sleep til tonight because i don't want to be jetlagged to death. don't fret though. so anyway! how is everyone?? i'm doing just splendid. just had a little extra time so they told me to shoot an email your way. so here i am. so schedule so far. we got here, and then we met the president and wife and the APs. then after we went to paris and met our "moms" which means the person that took you out on your first day contacting, not your trainer which is your dad. so anyway haha, i went out contacting with Elder Dick. and he was terrific. i learned so much. and by contacting, i mean that i would say to someone, excuse me, sorry to bother you, but we're missionaries, do you believe in god? and then elder dick would take it over. and don't fret, we placed a book of mormon.  it was terrific. most people just completely turn off when you mention Jesus christ or god though... kinda a bummer.... at least the africans are nice. elder dick didn't want me to have it easy though so we didn't really contact any africans. it was hard and kinda sad, but it was super fun. i just wanted to talk to everyone but at the same time i didn't want to at all because i know nothing! they speak SSOOOOO FAST. it's gross. and super pretty haha. one day. anywho. i've gotta go do an interview with the president! i'll find out where i'm going and who's training me tomorrow. so hope everyone is doing well and i'll talk to you later!
Elder Meyers

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