Monday, September 5, 2011

MULHOUSE! (pronounced like toulouse but with an m)

so here's the thing. i hate french keyboards. i feel like i'm seven again and i'm just learning how to type. i have to look at the keyboard as i type and it's the worst. i tried to change it to english but this computer wont let me. it's the worst. i dare you to write me back with your keyboard switched to french just so you can know how frustrating it is haha. anyway! as you may have already heard, i'm in mulhouse!  it's all sorts of exciting. it's almost the furthest east area in the mission. we are right there next to germany and switzerland, and i guess this place has been owned by both germany and france multiple times so it's kinda interesting to say the least. we are in the alsace region, which is just kinda a weird place. but it's cool. so let's see. so many things have happened this week. okay is it okay if i just write to you with the french keyboqrd qs qn english keyboqrd? qnd you Can trqnslqte it back? cause i'm getting super frustrated and i have a lot to say. anyway. so first dqy here. i think i already told you about. but second day. ze got assigned our qreqs qnd they gqve us our companions. it was all sorts of exciting. my companion qs you probably qlreqdy heqrd, is elder coleman. he's q greqt kid. he's from mqrylqnd, zhich is exciting haha, but he's greqt. he's been here for almost a yeqr now, in december. his french is good and he can understand everything, although his accent is a little american and he doesn't talk as fast as they do yet, but overall he's great.he's a good kid, and honestly, i don't knoz all that much about him yet because whenever ze tqlk, ze tqlk in french, so thqt's kindq q chqllenge haha. he plqyed soccer in highschool qnd rqn trqck, so he pqsses in my book. let's see, so lqter todqy, i'll probqbly send you the mqp of our ,ission. elder coleman hqd one, so i'll email that to you later if i get a chnce. so guess zhqt? it turns out thqt the ,ost co,,on nq,e here is ,eyer hqhq. so everyone thqt i tqlk to just zqlks up to ,e qnd tell ,e thqt ,y nq,e is the ,ost co,,on nq,e qround here, except zithout the s, I've honestly heqrd that like 10 ti,es. i sure hope that you can understand this. cquse itùs frustrqting hqhq.
so zednesdqy, ze definqtely sqz the eifffel tozer: it zqs so cool: iùll ,qybe send you pictures lqter: qnd iù, getting ,ore qnd ,ore lqwy qs i go qlong if you couldnùt tell: cquse iù, getting ,ore qnd ,ore frustrqted: but k: tuesdqy zqs good: ze sqz the eiffel tozer qnd then ze just zqlked in pqris q little bit; but ze hqd to be going; so ze got on our trqin qnd zere off; ze couldnùt get q trqin thqt took us here; so ze stqyed in Metz for the night. thqt zqs qctuqlly zqy cool; thqt city is so bequtiful: and then thurday we went took another train and arrrived at home! woo! our apartment is cool, and not too beat up haha. so just a heads up, i'm probably going to be a terrible letter/email writer. cause honestly right now this is so much worse than tracting. it takes so long and i really don't want to do it. just a heads up. but yeah. i hope everyone is doing well, but i'm done writing for today. i just really don't want to right now. so yeah you probably shouldn't send this on to anyone else cause there's nothing really in it. maybe i'll just write a letter. but yeah. i'm doing well and life is good. it's kind of hard and frustrating sometimes because i can't speak french as well as i'd like to, but overall it's going pretty well. but yeah, i love you all and i hope you're doing well. slater!
Elder Meyers

oh yeah, so my address is now
Elder Meyers
2 Rue Guillaume Tell
La France

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