Monday, September 19, 2011


ça va mes amis?? so i don't know if you've forgotten yet, but i'm in france. just thought i'd give you a little reminder haha. no but really! life is all sorts of exciting. so to start off, my thoughts for this week are as follows. french keyboards are still terrible, but i'm getting better so it's not taking so much time. bad news about that is that i'm going to return home and be used to a french keyboard and then my typing will be back at 5 wpm. wince. but whatevers. so here's the thing. mulhouse is very muslim. and that's a definite bummer for us. because number one, they are kind of rude. the kids i mean. they think they are pretty funny and stuff and they like showing off, but...... yeah.... the older ones are nice though! and it turns out they really like americans. most people here, when we tell them that we are from america, they ask us what the heck we are doing in france then, because america is so much better. viva l'amerique! haha but yeah secondly, we can' teach them. strictly forbidden. we can talk to them all we want, but it's actually a danger to their lives if we teach them. because part of being a muslim, means that you won't change religions. it's punishable by death. so if they ever plan on returning to their home country, or have relatives there or anything, then they are in serious trouble if they convert to a different religion. frankly it's kind of sad and super scary, but that's life i guess. so yeah.... anyway, thirdly, guess what the word for a transfer in french is? you call it a mutation haha. so i'm going to be mutated like 16 times before i leave france. yeah. wolverine is going to look like such a pansy when i get back haha. also, no email next week. i HAVE to go to paris for p-day.... so i'm not going to be able to. no really i'm so excited to go back there. but yeah we have to go there to do my legality. i have to go to a doctors appointment and then get my legality here in france worked out so that i can stay for another year. then i get to do it again in another year haha. but that's the price you have to pay to live in france i guess. besides, i get to do it in paris. so excited. but yeah so i'm not going to have time next week to write, but just remember that i still love you all k? k.
so yeah, this week was pretty hard... we worked really hard, but we have nothing to show for it. remember that catholic family that i told you about last time? yeah, we have had no luck with them. we have honestly made like 5 trips to their house this week, and their dad, the one that we want to talk to, has never been home..... so that's pretty depressing. especially since it takes like 30 minutes to get to their house, so it's like an hour of wasted time. but still, we are going to keep trying, and maybe one day we're going to be able to teach them. we did find out though that they have at least 3 children, one older than us, one a little younger, and then the young boy. we found this out from stalking them. we're getting good at it haha. and yes, that's honestly how it feels now with them. we're just the creepy americans that show up in their neighborhood every day. but yeah so anyway, we taught 3 lessons this week. and that's it. one was to our eternal amis, aka they just keep getting lessons, and they are going to get baptized eventually i think, but not anytime soon. they are called joni and chérizad, and they are a super great couple with a super cute little daughter, but they aren't married yet ha..... so yeah, one day they will. cause they come to church and they are good friends with the bishop and such, it's just a matter of waiting i think. so yeah, the other lesson was to this random man on the street, but he thinks we are crazy now, because we taught him the restoration and so yeah... that was fun. oh also, this week, we've done a lot of just contacting like i said i think, and we've actually found a decent amount of people that have given us their numbers to call, but when we actually do call them, they have either blocked our number, or they just don't answer. so it's kinda a really discouraging. i wish they would just not give us their number and say that they aren't interested ha. that'd be a lot easier. but yeah, so we're gonna keep on working hard, so hopefully in two weeks when i write you, i'll have a great success story. cross your fingers. or better yet, pray.  but yeah, one last happy story before i go. so on saturday, we were doing some street contacting (as usual haha) and we walked over to the basin, which is the usual route, because there usually are people relaxing there or just going for a walk, so they don't have the i'm too busy excuse. but yeah anyway, we ended up finding this guy, he's french, and he married a phillipino girl, and they have the cutest little daughter, so we talked to him for awhile just to get to know him or whatever, and he is so nice. so we found out that he is moving in a little, to just the other side of our area, so we offered him our help if he ever needed, and we reallllllly hope that he takes us up on that offer. but yeah anyway, so we exchanged numbers, and we're planning on calling him on monday to see if we can fix a rendez-vous! i'm super excited. he's so cool. but yeah anyway, on sunday, we decided to take the same route again, and guess who we saw? yup, the same guy with his cute little daughter. she's super shy though, so hopefully we can get over that haha. but yeah so we just talked a little bit with him again and he was still really nice! so i'll tell you all about his baptismal date in a couple of weeks haha. so yeah i honestly can't wait to teach him. or just serve him. or anything i just want to do something useful instead of just contacting all the time haha. but yeah, life is good over here. it's hard sometimes, but that's life right? there are always the good times to make up for it. (hopefully) but elder coleman and i have a lot of fun together, so it's good. but yeah, france is great, hope everything is going well back in les etats unis! i love you all and hope you are doing just splendid! buhbye!
ps cool address right? i'm learning how to use technology! haha

Elder Matthew Meyers
2 Rue Guillaume Tell
68100 Mulhouse
La France

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