Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fooled You!

oh hey there! so you definitely thought i wasn't going to write this week didn't you? fooled you! our district leader told us that it was mandatory to write an email to our family each week, so here i am! but i don't have much time at all, so it's gonna be super quick. paris was so amazing as usual. we saw sacré coeur and notre dame and it was just magical. there are honestly so many cool things here. it's stellar. so anyway, this week was pretty slow. we had interviews with the president, and that was in metz, which is about 3 hours away, so we wasted about one and a half days with that. well not wasted, but it kind of felt like it, just because we sat around for a lot of the day until we got to finally talk to president. but it was good. he said he was impressed with my french, but i think he just tells that to everyone to make them feel good about themselves. but honestly, the think that i want more than anything in the world right now is a native french speaker for a companion. i could learn sooooooooo much. because here in mulhouse, we don't get all that much practice to talk with real francophones... we don't teach all that many lessons, so it's kind of hard. the only real time we get to talk to them is at church. i just want to be fluent so bad so that i can communicate with the people easily so that i can be the best missionary that i can be... but anyway, story for the week! we definitely taught someone, AND fixed a return visit! i don't know if i've told you about that man that we met that was french and married a phillipino and has the cutest little daughter in the world (except clara,calm down everyone) but we taught them this week! and it was a lesson in english too haha. what are the chances right? but it was super good. but i'm out of time today so i'll write next week! love you all! buhbye!

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