Monday, September 5, 2011

pictures! and a better email haha

Okay hi! so this is me writting later because i felt bad for what i wrote earlier haha. HI! don't worry, i'm here at the church right now loading photos and sending them, so i can change it into a english keyboard! how great right? right. anyway, i'm just going to give you a little overview of my week. and you can just throw out my last email haha. i was a little frustrated if you couldn't tell.
Monday: i was still at the mtc. boo. getting on a plane though!
Tuesday: i arrived in france! what?? yeah. super cool. paris is so cool. i sent a picture of the eiffel tower, and honestly, it's so amazing! that was wednesday though, i'm getting ahead of myself. i think i already told you about tuesday though in my email on tuesday... or something.... hopefully haha
Wednesday: first, we started out the day by president telling us where we were going! i'm going to Mulhouse if you didn't know from my last broken email. then after that, i met my trainer! Elder coleman. he's a super cool kid and i'm already learning all sorts of things from him.  next, we toured paris! or at least as much as we could in the little time that we had before we had to go to mulhouse. but we made it to the eiffel tower, which is all that really matters, and it was soooooooooooooooo cool. it's so big! especially since there aren't really any other big buildings around, so the contrast is super cool too. then we got on a train from PARIS EST, and headed to Metz, where we stayed for the night, because elder coleman had left some stuff there and we couldn't get home before 1030, so we stayed the night. metz is super cool. the architecture is beautiful. so beautiful. i really want to live in europe one day now haha.  but yeah we got there and stayed with elder crump, which is actually my grandpa! he trained my dad, elder coleman. cute huh? i know for sure.  so we ate some crepes that we made and then went to bed
Thursday:  we woke up early (as usual) and headed to the train station to catch our train to mulhouse.  that took a couple of hours, but then we were here! not going to lie, compared to metz, i wasn't really impressed haha. but it was cool anyway. it's not the prettiest city in the world, but it's not bad at all. i love europe. it's so cool. so we did some stuff and whatever, and it was cool. but i'm kind of out of time for the day. i need to go do some contacting! which is always okay haha. so i'm sorry i can't finish this, but it's all in my journal, so maybe i'll send it to you one day.
we've taught 6 lessons so far, mostly to uninterested people, but we still are keeping our hopes up that we'll find a golden investigator.  french is kind of hard, they speak so fast, so i'm usually pretty quiet because i don't want to embarrass myself, but i think i just need to get over it and go for it. make a fool of myslef haha. because the more i practice, the better i'll get. the problem is that i can ask them something, but most of the time i can't understand what they're saying back because they speak so fast. i'm just going to have to invest in a sign that i can wear around my neck that says i'm a stupid american, talk slowly haha. but yeah!
just know that i'm doing well and everything is terrific here. i hope all of you are doing fine and not typing on french keyboards, cause that's the worst. love you all and i'll see you soonish!  buy.
elder meyers

The Eiffel Tower

French Pastries... yum!

France Paris Mission Map

Our Apartment Building

Elder Coleman and Elder Meyers

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