Monday, October 3, 2011


so time flies. that's just how it goes. i cannot believe that i am almost done with a transfer already!! it's so weird.    So this week, at the beginning of october i remind you, it has been sooooo hot! especially for this area! they said that it has been the hottest here in 25 years in this part of the season. weird huh? it's consistently around 31 C each day, which is around 90 F i think? it's no bueno. especially since we wake up and it's freezing. it changes sooo much from morning to afternoon in temperature. it's mighty fine. oh so also, our professional cook-ness was going pretty strong this week. we definitely made a quiche. completely all by ourselves. we made the pate (crust) and everything. it was soooooo good. we found this swiss cookbook in the church that was gathering dust, so we asked some people and then just borrowed it, so we're making all sorts of exciting dishes now. although most of them take wine, so it's a little challenging,but we make due. oh also, a couple of weeks ago, i bought a coat! it is freaking chic. me and elder coleman look like models when we walk down the streets with them. although we've only had that chance for like a half of a day and then it got blazing hot, it was sorta expensive, although pretty cheap for here. it was 70 euro. so like 100 dollars, it was super sad using that much money, but i kind of needed it to survive and be warm, so i did. sad day for sure.... okay so everyone at BYU, another temple in provo?? what?? was that as big of a shock for everyone else as it was for me? that was crazy. speaking of which, conference was so amazing. i've definitely never gotten as much out of conference as i did this year. it's amazing what happens when you don't sleep through half of it haha.... but i was alert and taking notes the whole time. it was stellar. sad part about it though, is that we only got to watch 4 of the 5 sessions. the last one, sunday afternoon, was playing live, and it was at 10 o clock in the evening that it started, so we kind of had to go home and get to bed instead of watching it until midnight. we're probably going to watch it for study time tomorrow. 
so story time for the week.....we had the coolest experience everrrrrr. sort of. so we were doing door to doors, which was just magical. i love doing that so much, ha ha. we were just having everyone tell us that they didn't like us and wanted us to go now, comme d'habitude, oh side note, at least here in france, they don't slam doors in your face! because they have a fence around their house, and instead of having the doorbell on the house, they have it on the gate, so then they just walk out of their doors, see who it is, and yell they aren't interested. it's just great haha. anyway, back to the story, so we were having no success, so we decided to go back to do some contacting. so we go and get back on the tram, because we were pretty far away, and we took it a couple of stops, and then we decided to stop at a random stop and continue porting, and after more disappointments, we found this guy! he said he was busy, but to come back the next day, so we did, and we taught him a great lesson on the restoration. he was super curious, and he had tons of great questions and he was actually pretty open. so we taught him, and challenged him to read the book of mormon and pray to know if it was true, and that it could answer all of his questions, and so he said that he would, and then we set a lesson for this next friday! i can't wait to teach him again. we have been praying like everyday that he will get that witness that it is true. so cross your fingers! or better yet, pray.  that was so cool. so i hope he keeps progressing, but i'll keep you updated. that other young family, we didn't get to teach this week, but they seemed genuinely sorry, so hopefully we will get to them  this week.   time's up for this week, but i love you all! hope everyone is doing just peachy! à plus!
Elder Meyers

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