Monday, October 17, 2011

I hate thinking of new subjects for posts

so this week was so good. sooo good. guess what we got to do? we had an exchange with the assistants!!! it was soo cool. we learned so much too. especially me. i went with elder pl├ętain, he's from nice in southern france, and it was so cool being with a native french speaker! i want to be like that so bad! just being with him renewed my desire to be completely fluent. gah i love those two so much. i wish we could do that like every week. because after the exchange, i just wanted to be like them so bad and be the best missionary i can.
so also this week, i definitely blew a fuse.... and along with that fuse, i may or may not have exploded my hair cutter ha.................................... i've used it a total of one time, and it's definitely completely busted now. cause i grabbed just a random converter, and i went to cut my hair, and as i turned it on, it just exploded. turns out it wasn't the right voltage of converter... it was smoking and everything. go fight win.
oh so anyway, do you want to hear the miracle of the week? man i love being a missionary so much. but so here goes. so this week on wednesday, we had 3 rendez-vous! 3! that's like a record for us! so we were super excited and couldn't wait to teach these people. so then wednesday rolls around, and all of them fall through. we have 0 lessons on wednesday. so that was super sad, and we didn't have any other things to do, so we just put our shoulder to the wheel and went out contacting. for like the whole day.. so it wasn't the best experience, but while we were contacting, this guy calls us out of nowhere. his name is Jean, and he said that he had been taught by the missionaries 2 years ago and he wants to fix a rdv! 2 years!!!! that's a longgg time!! but anyway, the day that we fix the rdv for, was the day that we had our exchanges with the assistants, so i got to go teach this guy with my assistant companion, and we (mostly he haha) gave such a good lesson and then gave him a soft invite to baptism. as in when you know that the book of mormon is true, will you be baptized. and he said yup! and that also happened with the other rendez-vous that we had that day that elder coleman and the other assistant. it was so cool. prayers really do get answered, and God really does care about each individual missionary. if you are working hard, even if you don't see the results in your immediate surrounding, there is always someone being prepared. I love being a missionary.
okay well this is going to be a short letter, but i love you all and i hope you are doing just stellar!

Elder Matthew Meyers
2 Rue Guillaume Tell
68100 Mulhouse
La France

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  1. Hey Steph (or any of the Meyers fam), quick question for you. Do you know how long it takes a package to get to France? And if I should use UPS or FedEx or what? And is it better to send it to the mission home in Paris?? Thanks so much!! :) Abby