Monday, October 24, 2011

hey everyone!! quoi de neuf??
hi! so how is everyone? you know what the weird thing is? i honestly have no idea who everyone is. i have no idea who actually gets this email, but whoever it is, i love you. haha well, to start out, this week was good! we started off solid. monday we got to teach a lesson with a member, and then we taught another one on tuesday and wednesday! then we got to thurday, and we had a rendez vous with our best, most potentially ami, Isaac. AND we got a member to come with us! we were just on fire. and thennnn.... thurday afternoon, and we were eating lunch, he sent us a text... he said that he has made a decision and he has decided to stick with his beliefs.... so.. we got dropped. second time in one week ha. go fight win. I guess we're back to the drawing board and by drawing board, i mean contacting all day. but it's not all bad. everything happens for a reason right? we're not sure quite yet what the reason is, but maybe one day we'll figure out what we were being taught, besides patience. so yeah, that was kind of a low point of the month, but it's fine, life goes on!
oh so funny story. so this weekend, we got to eat with three members! it was super great. we started on saturday by doing service for frère apasamy, and then he fed us after, and we got to eat raclette! raclette is this super good dish which you have this raclette melting machine (raclette is cheese) in the middle of the table, and you all get potatoes and some meats, usually like lunch meats and such, and then you melt your own cheese, and pour it over the potatoes and meat. look it up on the internet if that made no sense at all eh? but it's suppperrr good, but you feel like you're going to explode after eating it, because it's like eating straight fat haha. it's terrific. So that's what we ate on saturday, and then we had lunch and dinner with members on sunday. so we show up to the Wassmer family, and guess what we're having?? you betcha, raclette! but it had been a day already, so it still tasted pretty good. oh also, side note about this family. he is the father of the bishops wife, so the bishop and his wife came to eat with us too. and i love these two. they are so fun! but the funnest part about them, is there little son. his name is lorenzo, and i have honestly never seen a kid with more energy than this one. he is sooooooooooo crazy. but so cute. one of his favorite things to do is just run around saying "cours cours cours cours" which means run run run run hahah. he's so funny. we decided that we want one for our apartment. a lorenzo that is. we'd be entertained for the rest of our lives. ohkay so anyway, back to the story. so after we had stuffed ourselves full of that, because they don't let you leave until you've eaten so much that you can't move, and then we went to our next dinner right after. and guess what we got??? RACLETTE! hahhaah oh boy, it was terrible. it doesn't even taste good the third time. but we still ate it. oh boy though. raclette......
So guess what happened this week in church??? we may or may not have sung a christmas song in sacrament meeting hahahah. it was sooooo legit. me and elder coleman just looked at each other and smiled. they're for reals about christmas here though. alsace is world famous for their christmases i guess. and we definitely saw them starting to set up the christmas decorations when we went to church too. it's going to be so pretty! hopefully i get to stay here for christmas... on verra. but yeah, we were pretty excited that here in mulhouse we were already busting out the christmas music.
so i don't know if i've told you or not yet, but we now have sisters in our district. they elders that we in colmar, another city in our district, got whitewashed, as in they both got transfered away instead of one staying and the other leaving, and they replaced them with sisters!!! crazy huh? no one was expecting that one. but yeah, so that's cool i guess. we met them on thurday at district meeting, and they are both okay, except for the fact that they're kinda serious. not the biggest laughers or anything. but ça va. they're both good missionaries, so that's all that really matters.
okay well i'm mostly out of things to say... being a missionary is still just stellar and i love it here in france. the language is coming along, and i've finally just decided to go big or go home, aka stop being afraid of making a fool out of myself and just spit it out, even if i sound like a dumb american. most people already think i'm an idiot anyway so i figure talking to them can't make my chances any worse haha. but yeah, life is going well. tout va bien. i hope you are all just having the time of your life wherever you happen to be. je vous aime tous!
Elder Matthew Meyers
2 rue Guillaume Tell
68100 Mulhouse
La France

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