Thursday, November 3, 2011


so if i'm going to be honest right now, halloween is such a let down. i don't even know if it's a real holiday here in france. i've seen a total of like 4 kids dressed up today. how lame right? i was pretty disappointed to say the least. but anyway, how is everyone??? so first question of the day, how cold does it usually get in utah?? because i honestly have no idea what the weather is like in comparison to utah here. because it feels pretty same, but i don't remember what the temperature is at all. so that's good right? wrong.
well, this week was pretty good. we didn't do too many exciting things, we had a total of 3 lessons this week, so that should explain a little how it was. but still, press along press along right? and honestly, we love being missionaries. me and elder coleman have so much fun. we just joke and have fun the whole time that we are contacting and porting and stuff, and it really makes being a missionary so much better. because it's not really a chore at all to go do contacting or porting or anything. it's super good. i love being a missionary! oh also, we have this member in our ward, he just moved here from canada, and he's super cool. he's like a black belt in kung fu (i know that doesn't exist, but still) and he was showing us some stuff. so i'm just going to warn you right now that i'm like a professional fighter now. it's like dragon ball z fighting too. and yes, we do still kind of hurt from when he was demonstrating on us. goku vs him would be a good fight for sure haha. anyway, back to real life.
so you want to hear the miracle for the week??? it was so great. we'll see if it actually follows through, but it was terrific either way. so we had to do elder coleman's legality, so we got all of his important papers, like his whole identity, and went to the prefecture to do it. but guess what? yup, it was closed. lame. so we were kind of bummed, but we only had like 30 minutes until dinner, so we decided to just keep working instead of go home and put his whole identity back where it was safe. and honestly, the very first person we talked to, we had like a 30 minute conversation with. she told us that her first love was mormon! and he went to utah! crazy huh? and she said that she really like the mormon religion, but she didn't know it was here in france, so we told her all about it and then gave her un livre de mormon and she took it and she said she would read before our rendezvous and she was excited and everything! it was soo cool. so i'll keep you updated for if this actually comes to anything, but it was just a miracle that it even happened. hoorah for mulhouse haha.
okay well time is short today because i have to still write president and we were out with a member like the whole day today, so we have to hurry super fast. so i love you all, and i hope you are all just having the time of your life. je vous aime!
elder meyers

Elder Matthew Meyers
2 Rue Guillaume Tell
68100 Mulhouse
La France

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