Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the start of something new!

haha like my subject? couldn't resist. anyway!
hi everyone! how are you? here in mulhouse, things are going just peachy. and they will be for the next couple of days. until wednesday, then i'll be in charge of everything. then i'm expecting everything to explode. yay! so i don't know how much anyone really knows right now, or if my last little email even got blogged or forwarded or whatever, but for anyone that didn't know yet, i will officially be training next transfer. ummmmmm. yeah. i know right. so this will sure be a new experience. i went from being completely new and knowing nothing, and now i'm gonna be a daddy. went from no responsibility to being completely responsable for what happens in mulhouse and what becomes of this new missionary that's coming in. so to say i'm freaking out a little would be an understatement haha. no it actually hasn't really completely hit me yet. soon though. on one side, i am so nervous. but then on the other hand, i'm so excited to get to train. and super grateful. because although i may be crying for the next 6 weeks because i'm going to be doing everything (unless i get a french companion, which i can't decide if i want or not. because on one hand, it would make life so much easier for me, but then on the other hand, it's so much easier to connect and become like best friends with an american when there isn't a language barrier or anything, and just because americans and french people are different. just different mindsets.) i will be learning so much too. hip hip hoorah for forcing me to speak french and such ha.
so anyway, elder coleman is leaving! sad huh? we're super sad to be parting, but on the other hand super excited for what's ahead. he got called to Torcy, a suburb of paris, as a zone leader. what a stud right? he went trainer, district leader and then zone leader in 3 transfers. exciting. but yeah, our last couple of days together are just crazy. we have a lot of RDVs with our amis, and then rdvs with members too. oh and district meeting on tuesday, which we are going to the gare right after to hop on our train to paris, so i can pick up newby the next day. oh là là. but yeah, i'll give you all the information about my little tyke next week, when i have actually met him. so we're gonna be busy next week. and poor little newby is going to be so shocked. the first week was so hard. so he'll have fun ha.
so this week, guess what we did? we might have set a baptismal date! for the 7th of January! cool huh? her name is elizabeth gustave, and she is the daughter of a less active member, who is becoming completely active now, since he's been to church for the last 4 sundays. but she is 14, and she is from guadaloupe, and she comes to church all the time with her dad, and she has become friends with the girls in the ward and the young womens president. so last week, in church, she just walked up the bishop and told him that she wanted to be baptized. haha so we set up some rdvs with her and now we just have to teach her the lessons and voilà! she's super great though, she knows most of the stuff we teach her, and she already has a good support group at church and stuff. so next time, we're going to teach her with the young women's president, and it'll be just stellar. so yeah, although we didn't really do anything to find this girl or get her integrated, it's still cool to see things like this happen. this was completely our ward, and that's how things should be. go ward!
so PAM update. well. nothing really has happened with them yet. last week we had a RDV with them on monday, and marie, the mom, said to come at 7 o clock and then we can eat with the girls, and she'll get home at 8. so we asked to bring a friend since 2+2=bad haha and she said sure. so we brought aline, an 18 year old in our ward. we went and ate and such, and then it's 8, and she isn't home yet. 8:15, still no. 8:30 nope. she didn't end up showing up until 9... so we just sat around talking for two hours, and by the time that she got home, we didn't even have time to teach a lesson... it was a super bummer. so we have a RDV with them tonight again, with the same situation, but we're coming at 730 and hopefully she'll actually show up this time. i think we're just going to teach the girls if she doesn't show up by 830.. but we'll see. so cross those fingers. they were also going to come to church yesterday, but had to bail last minute, cause their ride fell through, but at least they are still making an effort.
but yeah, that's about the highlights of my week. it was a good week overall. so yeah. i'll update you about how bad i've corrupted this new missionary soon haha. jokes. but i hope everyone is doing well and having fun! love you all!

Elder Matthew Meyers
2 rue Guillaume Tell
68100 Mulhouse
La France

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