Saturday, December 3, 2011

Training Begins!

salut mes amis!
hi everyone! how's everyone doing? well. so this week has been crazy! first, i got to pick up my new companion! so i was in paris for tuesday and wednesday. so that was fun. and we got to go take pictures by the tour eiffel and arc de triomphe and such like that. so that was terribly exciting. and then we even got to teach a lesson on the train ride home, and then we passed off this person to the elders at strasbourg because she was from there.
But all in all, this week was terrific. we got to teach a lot of lessons, and mr blue got to have a huge culture speaking shock with french. oh oh oh also, we had 5 amis at church! 5! poor elder is going to think this is normal to have that many, so i guess we're just going to have to make it normal. the standard is set. but yeah, everything is going just peachy here in mulhouse. this next week is going to be just as crazy though cause i have to go to belgium to do my legality there, so tuesday and wednesday i'll be gone, and bluey is going down to belfort to spend those two days with the belfort elders. donc voilà!
you guys probably thought i forgot about writing about my new elder, but i just thought it was fun to refer to him as blue throughout that first part. but anyway haha. so, his name is Elder Andrus! he's from Lindon Utah, just down the road, and he's a super cool elder. we're going to have fun here in mulhouse. his french is pretty good, but he's still catching on to everything. yeah, i was just as shocked as you are that he wasn't a frankophone. but it really is super good for me because it forces me to do everything, so i'm learning so much. my french is improving a lot, and my teaching is too because i'm forced to do it. all of it too haha. no i'm joking, he does help out when he can, and i can tell that he has a super strong testimony because even though he explains things super simply and his french isn't terrific, you can still feel the spirit. it's super good. but yeah! that's him! he's a great elder and we're gonna have a good two transfers.
well yeah, that's kinda all for this week. we are super pressed for time, cause we're going to our turkey bowl! this p day, we have a thanksgiving dinner and turkey bowl planned with our zone in strasbourg, so we have to head off to that in a couple of minutes. i'm super excited, you have no idea. that's the thing that i've missed the most, is sports. i haven't got to do anything like that since i got here, but today we get to have a turkey bowl!!! yay. alrighty, well i love you all and i hope everyone is doing just stellar. bonne semaine et je vous aime!

Elder Matthew Meyers
2 rue Guillaume Tell
68100 Mulhouse
La France

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