Sunday, December 11, 2011

busy busy busy

salut mes amis! vous feriez quoi si j'ecris cet email en français? Ca serait cool quoi? alors cette semaine était bien. on a fait du contacting et on a voyagé beaucoup. Ca c'est tout ce que je fais maintenant. je voyage.
okay i'm done now. anyone understand? i'm only going to speak french when i get home so everyone better start learning haha. but honestly it's so funny, my vocabulary is slowly diminishing. i forget words alllll the time. it's terrible. a lot of the time i can think of the word in french but not in english and then it's just weird. and when we talk to each other, we always just franglais, half english half french, and i'm going to get home and say the same saying and such and it'll be just embarrassing. so get excited! and good news is i still have like 2 more years, so it's going to get so much worse haha. oops. c'est la vie quoi!
so anyway, this week has been pretty good. it is now thursday instead of monday when i'm writing this, but that's cause we had our christmas zone conference on monday in paris, so our p day got changed for the week. so voila. this past week has been stressful. that's the best way i can describe it. it's hard to be a trainer. it's hard to go from being in charge of nothing to everything. and the stress is finally catching up to me. but it's good. it's just motivation to work harder. or break down and cry haha we'll see which feeling prevails. but life is good. the work here in mulhouse is actually still going very well. we actually have about 6 amis that we are working with right now. the bad part though is that the more amis we have, the more i have to organize with rendez vous and such. but i'd rather this than contacting my whole life. and elder andrus is doing well. he's a quick learner and he's picking up on french fast. it's amazing how much his comprehension has improved in just 2 weeks. and we're finally getting past that awkward first couple of weeks living with someone and we're figuring each other out, so it's good. we're going to have a lot of fun when we both figure out what we're doing haha.
so the weather here is pretty bad. i'm definintely not a fan. it's started to get a lot colder, and worse, raining. to make matters even worse, it's always so windy. so we can't even use our umbrellas because if we do, it would just break. so it's a win win situation we're in. oh and there's also the fact that i haven't bought a coat yet haha. silly elder meyers. okay but i feel like the email is turning into a complaint about life and that's not what i wanted. i really like it out here and the work is going well, so that's all i can really ask for. it's getting close to christmas too, so how could life get any better? and with a blue, i learn soooo quick. if i don't, then the work here in mulhouse falls apart, so it's good motivation. but my french is getting better and better because i'm forced to speak it, so it's really a blessing. this will help me throughout my mission so much even though i'm not very comfortable with it now. soon enough i'll be grateful haha.
but yeah, i don't really know what to talk about. i don't have any very cool stories to share or anything. elizabeth, our baptismal date is still doing well, and she's still set for the 7 of january. so that'll be super exciting. other than that though, we're just trucking along with our amis, trying to help them progress. sometimes it's harder then it sounds though strangly enough. but we're getting there. hopefully. we're learning if nothing else.
alors voilà! that's my life right now. i hope everyone is doing well on the home front with school and work and life and such! i love you all! a bientot!

Elder Matthew Meyers
2 rue Guillaume Tell
68100 Mulhouse
La France

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