Tuesday, January 3, 2012

christmas bells are ringing!!

herro everyone!
so guess what? i still haven't even heard christmas bells. so i kind of lied with the subject of this here... but we do have a protestant temple just across the place and the bells go off for like an hour or so around 4 or 5 once a week. but that has nothing to do with christmas and everything to do with annoying. close enough though right? k good.
so this week has been good. we got to go on exchanges with the district leader and that was fun. i went with elder vallecalle, who is actually a french kid, because both of his parents are french, but he grew up in california, so he's pretty much completely american. i like him a lot. so i got to go with him here in mulhouse, and elder andrus got shipped out to belfort. and we had just a terrific time here. it was super nice not having to be completely in charge and being able to just lay back for some contacts and let him work his magic haha. i miss being a blue. tant pis though! so that was fun and we met this nice middle age lady who we got to fix a rendez-vous with right there in the street, so that'll be tomorrow and hopefully all goes well and she just tells us right of the bat that she wants to get baptized haha. on verra eh?
oh also, important question. where am i from? i'm such a bad person, but i honestly don't even know. like where is our family from? like geneology stuff? because people ask all the time and i usually just say european or something to get out of the question, and then they just assume i don't understand what they mean because i'm a silly american and it passes. but i'd really like to know.
sooooo. in other news, we had a christmas party this week! it was just magical. we learned about christmas traditions all around the world and i learned the reason that those silly americans put stockings out. i never knew before. apparently it's because some girl left her stockings out one day and then the next day they were filled with money or something. i don't quite remember but it was something along those lines. haha they thought we were weird though for doing that. and i thought it was weird that they didn't. also, we learned that the christmas tree comes from here in alsace! so very exciting. also, guess what? there isn't really a word in french for "exciting". sad huh? you can say i'm excited or whatever, but not that is exciting. sad. mais bon. also, speaking of the christmas party, we got attacked by food this past week. we had papa noël come to the party at the end, and he gave our presents and stuff, and he gave us some huge box just filled with food. all we do is eat junk now haha because the ward just shovels it down our face and we don't want it to go bad so yeah. i don't think i'll be sending home pictures from now on because i don't want anyone to see the extra chins and belly i'm growing. no just kidding. but really. it's bad. on the bright side though, i haven't gained any pounds yet. on the not so bright side, i'm pretty sure that's just because i lost any muscle mass i had and it changed into fat mass. num num nom. i love being fat.
but yeah! that's about all the news here in mulhouse. life is good and all our amis are doing just as good as ever. which means they still don't answer their phones and don't come to christmas parties that they said they were going to come to, but it's good! we make do. we're gonna find madame and monsieur golden soon. no worries. so yeah there ya go! i love you all and happy christmas eh?? oh side note. here in france, instead of people saying happy holidays and stuff, they just say bons fêtes. as in good parties. silly french. so bons fêtes everyone! haha and joyeux noël!
elder meyers

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  1. c'est parce-que en France on dit les "fêtes de noël et du nouvel an" voila! ahah