Sunday, January 29, 2012

we have mice!

hey there people.
so as you can see from the title of this email, the highlight of this week is the discovery of mice in our apartment! exciting huh? so today when we do our shopping, mice traps are on the list, and we're gonna get them. we'll teach them to come play in our apartment. in other news, i don't know if anyone has heard about it yet, but there is now a paris france temple site! cool huh? it's in french, but you can at least see a picture. it's so that's pretty exciting huh? it's kinda a pretty design. i like it.
well this week, apart from the mice and such, was pretty boring. nothing too exciting happening. and we're losing contact will all our amis again. so that's good. i was confused for a second with the fact that they would answer their phones and be home so we could pass by them. haha but whatever, that's missionary life, so it's not a big deal. i wonder sometimes if you think i'm depressed about things like this, but no, it's normal now so no big deal. i think statistics-wise it's like one in every ten new amis progresses. and we still have a couple left, so we're doing better than the statistics haha. while we're on the complaining note, i hate not being able to relate to people. i'm realizing again that i can't speak french as well as i want to. i mean sure, i can understand most everything, and i can communicate back, but i can't joke or relate or anything. so yeah. suggestions? anyway, onto other stories....
so this week we got a coran! (i'm not sure how that's spelled in english, but that's how it's spelled in french so at least you get the general idea. i think it's like with a q or something in english. quoran? koran? je ne sais pas) haha funny story. so we were out porting one day, and we ported into a muslim. and he was a nice guy, just like all of the other practicing muslims, and he came out to talk to us a little. he gave us the muslim angle (they all tell you same things, the same arguments, and same points brought up) and then he told us that we had to read the coran and we'd understand. so we told him that we didn't have one. so he said hold on a sec, and he ran and got us a copy. so now we have a coran chilling in our apartment. well, it's the french translation, so it's not the whole thing, since i think it's against their religion to translate it from the arabic, but it has some stuff. interesting eh? yup.
oh so guess what? i got a coat finally! super proud? i sure hope so. it was sorta kinda expensive, but it's warm, so can't complain much, and i was just sick of shopping for one so i just got one. so now i'm all sorts of warm when i go out porting and stuff. novel huh? i was sure impressed with myself.
also, interviews with president were this week. so that was exciting. he talked about nehemiah. nous avons un grand oeuvrage à executer et nous ne pouvons descendre. so that was good as usual. we always learn a lot at training like that.
so that's about all for now. life is good out here in mulhouse. nothing too crazy, just the life of a missionary. a couple of side notes, we rode a turtle this week, we had a heater checked twice in the same day by two different companies, and we got a picture with a thai cardboard cutout.
welp, that's all! hope y'all ( <-- look i still speak english) have a good week and enjoy school and work and life! xoxo. not really though. i'm a missionary. i don't do stuff like that. geez.

Elder Matthew Meyers
2 rue Guillaume Tell
68100 Mulhouse
La France

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