Monday, February 6, 2012

last week in mulhouse..........

salut mes amis!

welp, we're nearing the end of my stay here in mulhouse. i keep saying that, but i still don't even know if it's true. i guess there is always a chance that i'll stay here for one more, but who knows. transfer email is on saturday, so i'll keep you posted. when i get the email i'll send you a quick email telling you where i'm off to. or staying. we'll see soon. it's still so weird that i'm going to be leaving this place. this is all that i know. and there are so many places that i could be going. as of this moment, i'm feeling either paris area or belgium. yup, i just named off like half of the mission there, so i have at least a decent chance of getting it right haha.
anyway, onto other things, so guess what we had this weeek? freezing. it was the coldest week of my life haha. and, as it turns out, the coldest weather that mulhouse has had in 30 years! we were the coldest in france this last week i think i heard someone say. hoorah right? no. it's the worst. we go out just completely bundled up. we wear sweaters and coats and gloves and beanies and scarfs and everything. we wrap our scarfs around our faces so that they don't fall off. everytime that we get home, we look at each other and our faces are just completely red. it's stellar. and, i never thought i'd say this, but long johns are now my best friends. elder andrus doesn't have any and he dies, but with mine, it's a whole lot better. i never thought i'd use them, but they're just terrific. true love. oh so i never even told you how cold. it's been in the -20s C this week. and with the wind chill, which is just affreux, it's even colder. we got the wind from serbia. that's what someone said at least. aka it's cold haha. so be happy that you are all out in utah where you don't even have a real winter. we're real men out here. real cold men at least.

well, this week, we spent about half of it in paris. elder andrus had to go up to belgium to do his belge legality, so i came with him and spent the day in paris with some other trainers. twas good. so we went up there on tuesday evening because since we are so far out here, we had to go in the day before since there wasn't a train that got us in by 930 when we had to be at the gare. so we left tuesday night and stayed the night in paris. at elder colemans! so that was fun. we had some nice catch up time.he's doing well if anyone was wondering. he's just a champion of a zone leader. so anyway, on wednesday, me and elder burnside didn't have anything to do, so we went and spent the day at la defense. the biggest shopping center in paris, the shopping capital of the world. it was big. it's was a mall with like 4 floors. intense. and we got to see the cool defense arch so that was cool. so we did that and then just walked around paris for a little. it was good. so anyway, we had plans to return home that night, but then their train back from belgium was delayed 30 minutes, so that didn't give us time to catch our train, so we ended up staying the night in metz and coming home the next morning. so that was kinda a lame way to spend three days... we couldn't do any missionary work so that was pretty dumb. on one hand, it's nice to leave your secteur for a little as a little break, but on the other hand, i hate it when we can't get any work done... so yeah.
so also, monday, last p-day, we had a great thing happen. we lost our phone. we left it on a bus. boo. and when i say we, i'm the one that carries the phone, so i mean me. so anyway, we left it there, and so the next day, we went to the bus lost and found, and nothing.... and we needed to call elder coleman too since we had to tell him when we were getting in on tuesday. so we had district meeting and borrowed a phone to call him, and as it turns out, he called the phone yesterday, and this guy answered it, and it was the bus driver. so they got it all worked out that the bus driver was going to put it in the mail box at the church. (the bus drivers first idea was to just leave it at the bus stop............) so we're not sure why he didn't just think about giving it to the lost and found at his work, but whatever. so anyway, we've been checking the mailbox this whole week, and still nothing. he still hasn't put it there..... so we're kinda a little frustrated... last night we had to go to a members house to make our call to our district leader. it's kinda challenging doing missionary work without a phone.... so hopefully this man decided to do something with our phone.

anyway, onto good stuff. so we had a little miracle this week that was pretty cool. so as i said, we lost our phone, so it's kinda challenging to contact our amis... so when we got home from paris, we went to pass some of our amis. and as we were going to and from houses, we randomly passed 2 of our amis just on the road! so we got to fix a RDV just there on the road! and we usually don't see just on the road, so that was cool. we saw that god will always provide a way to do his work.

so, that was our week in mulhouse! wasn't the most productive week, mais on fait avec. so there ya go. i'll send an email on saturday telling you whats becoming of everything. je vous aime tous et passez une bonne semaine!!

-- Elder Matthew Meyers 2 rue Guillaume Tell 68100 Mulhouse La France

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