Monday, February 13, 2012


last week in mulhouse..........

hey guys! welp. i'm finally leaving mulhouse! feeling about it: well, i really liked my time in mulhouse, and i really love the people here, the ward the members the amis, everyone, but i am really excited for new things. i'm off to villeneuve-d'ascq! it's a city that is right next to lille. i guess that they are pretty much the same city or something. all i know is that the church for lille is in villeneuve, so we share a building for the two ward! so that's exciting. and. i'm a zone leader now! ha intense huh? so yeah, ima be on my knees a lot pretty soon haha. it's the zone of lille, which includes lille valencien (spellings are going to be wrong) villeneuve, calais, dunkerque, arras, amien and st quentin. so it should be an adventure. in the same ville as me, we have sisters too. That'll be a different experience for me. specially since before, i was completely out in the middle of nowhere, super far away from everyone else, and now, with the two equipes in lille and the two in villeneuve we will have 8 missionaries right next to each other. so that'll be fun. it's going to be a whole new experience up there in the north. but on the bright side, it's still going to be as cold as here! with rain! yay!!! super excited to hear that. psych. ha but whatever, on fait avec. so as to my companion! well, guess what his name is? i'm with elder andrus! another one haha. there are two in the mission and i went from one to the other. good work there eh? but word on the street is that he is a great missionary, so i'll have a good trainer to be a zone leader. just before this, he was zone leader in paris, so i'm in really good hands. we'll do work out there. i'm really excited. and really scared, but i think i've got the worst of it over with training. at least when i mess up, i'll have someone there to tell me and fix it instead of an elder with even less experience than me. haha no i'm joking, but speaking of my blue, elder andrus (the son) is staying here in mulhouse! he's going to be with elder cannon. i know literally nothing about him so sorry. he was in nantes before and now he's coming out to alsace! he's in his 14th transfer, so he's probably going to die out here. so that's fun. we don't really have any other exciting things going on, that about sums it up for transfers. elder coleman if you wondered is still in torcy with the same companion.

so things here are going pretty darn good. we had a way good week for the last week together. we got to teach a not bad amount of lessons, and we had people show up to church, so that was good. florian (i dont know if you remember who that is, but i wrote about him like 4 months ago, we finally got back in contact with him) we got to see, and he and his wife and daughter came to church! so that was fun. she is the cutest most funny girl in the world. she's 2 and a half and is so funny. she does this thing where she raises one of her eyebrows, and it is so funny. most of the rdv we just laughed at her. we also got to see PAM this week, but it was mostly just to say bye. we didn't have time to teach a lesson. and the sad thing is, the more that we talk to them and such, the more i think that they are just interested in the fact that we are two americans than the fact that we are here to teach the gospel. but it's okay. hopefully my replacement will be able to change that. i guess we were just too good looking...... haha jk. also, to update you on nathalie and jeremie mortz, they are still just terrific. they went to have an interview with the bishop this week, so that they could figure out what jeremie had to do so that he could baptise nathalie, and the bishop gave him a date in a month, that if he has all his bad habits cleaned up, he can baptise her. so we had a rdv with them on sunday after this interview, and we talked to them about the word of wisdom, and commited them and then taught about the atonement too and how Christ is always there for us, no matter what, which was completely unplanned and super good. this is the first rdv that i've had that i can say that i was really following the spirit in teaching. because we taught about a lot of things that were not planned, that they really needed we found out in the end, and at the end of our rdv, after the prayer, out of nowhere, i asked nathalie if she was ready to be baptized when jeremie is ready to baptise her. and the last rdv, we talked about fixing a date, and she wasn't really a fan of the idea, and we really weren't even planning about talking about this this time, but i asked her and she said yes. so we fixed a date! she's going to get baptized the 7th April! i'm so excited for her. and so sad that i'm leaving. that is one thing that i really don't want to leave for..... but that's life i guess.. the funny part about this is that most of the time when i try to commit people to baptism, i have the hardest time and don't know what to say, but this time, just right after the prayer, out of nowhere, i just asked, no problem, and she said yes! Spirit win.

okay well i don't have too much time, but i love you all and get excited, cause the next email is going to come from Villeneuve D'Ascq!


-- Elder Matthew Meyers

223 A05, blvd De Valmy 59650

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