Monday, February 27, 2012


hey there people! well, i'm not really in the mood of writing an email today, so it's probably gonna be short. here in villeneuve d'ascq, things are going just great. we honestly had such a great week here. the only problem is that i can't just worry about myself anymore.... now i have to worry about the zoneski. alors, we got done with our week and we ended up with 5 new amis and just a terrific week, and then we start getting in the stats for the other people in the zone and oh là. it was pretty bad. and so now i'm just sitting here wondering what we did wrong. because it was this week too that we went around to all of the districts and gave them a little training. the only reason that we are here is to get everyone excited about missionary work and to inspire them to do their best, and we obviously failed pretty hard haha. so yeah. last night me and elder andrus just tried to figure out what we're doing wrong and how to fix it. being a zone leader is no fun. i already have enough to worry about when i just have to work on myself. so that's a little summary of the week.

 on a brighter note, the 5 new amis that we found are all super sweet. 4 of them are young adults, and the young adult program in our ward is way good, so we're excited for that. they are all just really sincere and really have a chance to go somewhere. so it's pretty sick.

 i still love serving with elder andrus. he's a super good missionary and we have a lot of fun. we both think we're really funny, and most the time our french friends don't, so we have fun trying to dig each other out of the holes that we make haha.

well, i don't really see anything else to write about, so à bientôt! je vous aime!

Elder Matthew Meyers
223 A05, blvd De Valmy
La France

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