Monday, March 5, 2012

let it snow!!!

salut!! comment ca va tout le monde?? j'espère que vous allez bien. ca va super ici à villeneuve d'ascq! la nouvelle de la semaine c'est la neige! au jourd'hui il y a au moins 6 inches et il continue à neiger. c'est trop bien. moi j'aime bien.

anyway, IT'S SNOWING!!! up here in the north of france, i finally got my first good snow storm of the mission! we woke up this morning and elder andrus opens the blinds of the window and we looked out the window and what did we see? POPCORN! nope. actually snow. and the flakes were huge. it was great. at first when he told me it was snowing i didn't believe him, cause he tells me that like every morning, but this time we really did have snow. big large flakes of it. hoorah.

so as for news of the week. nothing too exciting has happened. we did set a baptismal date the other day, but then he didn't come to church, so i'm not sure how serious he is.. we still have no one coming to church, but hopefully that'll change soon. we're working on it. this week was great though. we had zone conference in paris, and that's always way good. we got to hear president and the assistants tell us what's what and we learned some good stuff. tomorrow is actually mission conference, aka the meeting where all of the zone leaders go to paris and talk about the mission, so that'll be exciting i guess. i'm not really sure of what goes on in one, but should be interesting. sure i'll learn something.

 so we can't really say that the snow was a really big surprise. it's always really gloomy weather up here, but it hadn't really rained until yesterday. and it rained. we went to church and came home and ate and then we went out to do some porting. so we got off at our metro stop and started to walk towards our porting area and it started to rain. kinda a nice misty rain at first and then it picked up and up. by the end, we were just porting our little soaked hearts out in a nice little torrent of rain. it was quite the adventure. we were pretty darn wet by the end, and when we came home we made ourselves a nice bowl of popcorn to warm us up. popcorn fixes everything right? right. so yeah! that about sums up anything exciting that happened this week. i went to valencienne on exchanges this week, and that was fun. it reminded me a lot of mulhouse because the trams were exactly the same and it was about the same size of city. it was nice to be back home-esque.

well, i think that about sums up the happenings for the week. still loving it out here in wonderland and we're still just put putting along. speaking of put put, there's a driving range that we always go past when we take the trams here and everytime we pass we're super tempted to go hit some balls. so that may be a pday activity someday soon. on verra. alors c'est ça! have a terrific week and à la prochaine! au revour!

Elder Matthew Meyers
223 A05, blvd De Valmy
 La France

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