Monday, March 26, 2012

transfer 2 in vdascq

well, in case anyone was wondering, transfers came and went, and there is nothing different here for me. me and elder andrus are staying here together in villeneuve and our zone isn't changing too drastically. so all in all we're happy about the changes. we're happy to be staying together.

today on the other hand, not so happy. mostly just tired. so to start it off, yesterday was day light savings out here, so we missed a whole hour of sleep. it already feels like we never sleep, but then they took a whole nother hour away. how rude. then, to add to it, today we had to make a trip to paris. elder andrus had to his legality, cause he was officially illegal here in france for a couple of days, and he realized it so we had to get down there. we wanted to get there first thing in the morning, so we took the early morning train. we woke up at like 4:15 and took the 5:50 train. so we are just pooped. we got up there to the legality place, waited in line for about an hour, and then turned right around and headed home. so we had a nice bunch of wasted hours there. hoorah.

so as to the next couple of weeks. we are going to be running so hard. we have so much stuff planned for the zone, cause the first time around we were probably a little more focused on our own ville and secteur instead of as much about the zone. we knew things weren't going very well, but we kinda just talked about it instead of actually doing something. but we got a little reminder from the assistants, and we're ready to go out and do some real work with them now. sure, our secteur is probably going to suffer a little, but we have to do something. we have a lot of little small towns in our zone and the missionaries are kinda just giving up a little out there, so we're going to make some trips out there to spread some good cheer. or at least show them how tired we are which will hopefully inspire them to be more tired haha. so yeah, life is pretty good.

here in villeneuve d'ascq, the work is going nicely. elder andrus and i work together well, so we're working hard and making some progress. our ward is still as great as ever, and we love it to death up here. we had a really cool rdv the other night with a chinese kid. his name is wei, and he's just great. he speaks english and french, but he says he speaks english better, so we taught him for the first time in english on sunday. i love chinese people. we had like the perfect first rdv with him and taught him about god and prayer, because he didn't have any christian background at all, and challenged him to pray every night. so we're excited to see how it went. he said he was touched during our prayer at the end, so we're hoping the he keeps progressing along. our next rdv is on saturday, so we're pretty stoked.

conference this next week! that'll be fun. i always look forward to conference. it's a big change from when i was home ha... i think before, i just looked at it as a vacation from going to church. a prolonged church meeting split into different parts that i could sleep through... but now, it's like the best part of the year. i love listening to talks and getting so much out of it. the only bummer, which isn't that much of a bummer at all, is the fact the hopefully we're going to have a ton of amis at coming to conference, so we're going to have to watch it in french. which is good, but it really isn't exactly the same. in english, you can really get the tone of their voice and the passion in it, but with the translation it's not quite the same. but quand même. we're excited.

well voilà i'm about to fall asleep at the keyboard, so ima say bye now. hope everything is going great out there and that you have just a super duper week. ha love you!

-- Elder Matthew Meyers
223 A05, blvd De Valmy
La France

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