Monday, April 2, 2012


welp, as you all know, or should know, it was general conference this last week! we got to hear the prophet himself speak, and boy was it good. we actually had an ami at every session! so that was good. on the down side, that means that we had to watch them all in french, which is all good and dandy and such, but the translations aren't always up to par sadly. it's really hard to translate jokes from one language to another, so there were a couple of times when everyone started laughing at the conference center and we had a profound silence here in france haha. but it was good. i still learned a lot, and the gospel is more familiar in french anyway. but the prophet at the end of the sunday morning session, wow. that was such a good talk. i wish we had more amis there though cause that was exactly what they needed. so we're probably going to tell them to watch it sometime soon. that was a great talk though. so were they all eh?

so this week was okay. we had transfers changes and stuff on wednesday, so we had a lot of administration stuff to do. we also went to paris on thursday for zone council. and elder andrus bought an electric toothbrush today. he was really excited. so yeah, it was pretty rough on missionary work this week, but i think everyone is getting settled in and getting used to everything so hopefully this next week we can turn things around. we'll see i guess.

here in vdasqc things are going well. cedric and claver are still just progressing along towards baptism. more cedric than claver though.. the problem is that cedric is so completely engaged in this and is just incredible, he came to 3 sessions of conference, and on the other hand, claver is just kind of there... he's do everything that we tell him, but he doesn't really have the initiative to do anything himself... so i'm not sure.. we're still trying to figure him out. on verrrrrrrra. also, speaking of knowing the gospel better in french, it's soooo much easier for me to teach in french than in english. it just feels so weird to talk to anyone but my companion in english. i always end up talking super slow and enunciating completely every word. but. we did get to teach in english again this week, with our ami wei, who is chinese. honestly this kid is so cool. he's so humble and really just has his heart in the right place. it was our second lesson with him this week, and we are so nervous for every lesson with him. it feels like every word that we say is just soooo important, so we really think hard about everything we say. it's like being a blue again and just trying our hardest to not make a mistake because we think if we do it will ruin everything. i don't know, i think it's just because we want this kid to accept the gospel so much in his life.. sais pas.

anywho, thanks for the package!! i got it today and we are so excited for the egg painting stuff!! that's what we are going to do after this for sure. only problem is that we don't have any white eggs haha. the eggs here in france are brown, so we're going to have to go white egg searching. i think we'll be able to find them somewhere though. we'll see.

so voilĂ  notre semaine. i don't really know what else to say for now, except thanks for all the support! love you all and hope everything is well!

Elder Matthew Meyers
223 A05, blvd De Valmy
La France

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