Monday, April 16, 2012


hi everyone!

well to start off this letter i want to tell a story before i forget! so, we were out contacting the other day, and we have this special love here in villeneuve d'ascq for asian people. whenever we see one, no matter what we are doing, we always find a way to contact them. i think it's just that they are so humble and nice. anyway, so we did this the other day, we were contacting along and we saw this asian girl, so we got all excited. we went over to her and had a nice conversation and guess what?? we found out that she was from thailand! that should be exciting for you dad. so i kind of freaked out cause it's the first thai person i've met, and immediately i said (pardon my spelling) sowhat dee crup! she was so impressed haha. that's how you say hi in thai for those of you who aren't quite as cultured as i am haha. but really, when you speak their language, asians just brighten up completely. so we continued out contact and i told her my dad went to thailand for two years and such so i learned a couple of words and it was just great. the only sad part is the fact that she is a girl :( so that means that we have to pass her to the sisters. so we were pretty sad that we weren't going to get to teach her, but it was still just so fun to talk to her. sometimes i wonder how i can get so cool speaking three different languages. oh and chinese. make that four. so impressive right? haha

so that was mostly the highlight of the week for me. i was so excited about it. anyway, also happening this week, in case anyone didn't know, i became the favorite of my dearest little niece clara. just thought i'd get a little trash talking in there, especially for you mike. love you :) too bad clara doesn't love you as much as me hahaha

anyway, done trash talking. also news this week, we went to calais and dunkerque! so that was fun. we got to see the ocean! too bad it was a little foggy or else we could've seen england in the distance. cool huh? so we had a good time doing exchanges down there. learned a lot of things as usual and hopefully helped out the missionaries out there. if nothing else, we really got to know them and got to serve them, so we are really developing charity for our zone. really learning to love them and understand them. that's a huge improvement from last transfer, so at least we're still learning right?

hmm, so in talking about easter, yes we did find eggs to color. they are pretty stellar. if i remember i'll send some nice pictures of our masterpieces this week. also, another discovery of the week. well first off, background. so here in france, the milk is gross. honestly the worst taste ever. no one ever just drinks a glass of milk. they either eat it with cereal or chocolate or something. it's cause their milk they like ultra pasteurize it and add all sorts of chemicals in it. they don't even refrigerate it after it's bottles and such. so it's terrible. but. this week, as we were going along guess what we found? american milk! not really, but we found a little place that sells milk from the farm, and it's soooo good. it tastes like real milk. and i'm not really a milk person, but with all the chocolate and stuff that they have here i've been craving it for forever, so last night, we had some real delicious milk and some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that we made, and had just the most amazing american moment ever. vive l'amerique!

so voilĂ . that was all the real exciting/not boring things that happened this week. we're doing all sorts of well and everything is going just peachy. we are starting week 4, so transfers are coming up soon, so we're kinda scared for that cause we both want to stay, but we'll see. no use starting to worry now.

oh one last thing. me and elder andrus are bowling champions. we went bowling last p day with the elders from lille, and we pwned them! we pulled off two games of comeback wins. it was stellar. so yeah, who knew i was a bowling champion too? i sure didn't haha.

so there ya go. hope everything is going great in the states! love you all and have a good week!

Elder Matthew Meyers
223 A05, blvd De Valmy
La France

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