Monday, April 9, 2012


salut mes potes!

herro everyone. well to answer all the questions that i know you all have about easter, here in france, it's pretty similar. being a missionary, i didn't really get the chance to do an easter egg hunt, seeing as we're kinda short on time and such, but they still do it here in francy. so it's pretty much the same. the one impressive thing about easter is the fact that you actually see a couple of people at the cathedrals! cool huh? it's not very often that you see people inside that aren't taking pictures, but we walked past a couple on saturday night and they were actually kinda full-ish! vive l'eglise catholic! haha but anyway, things here are good. easter was well past, we went to our DMPs house (dirigeant missionnaire de paroisse, ward mission leader) to eat sunday night, and that was fun. he's a funny guy and we had a couple of people from the ward over, so it was just magical. we have fun joking with our ward. elder andrus and i have so much fun together. we just play off each other's jokes all the day long. we both have the same sense of humor, so we just laugh all night. it's so fun to actually be at the point in french that i can joke with people. c'est super.

so this week was long, to say the least. we had two exchanges, one in amiens, and one in st. quentin, and it was long. with these exchanges, instead of leaving one in villeneuve and sending the other there, we both went there so we could really work hard for our zone.we went to amiens and then right after to st quentin, so we didn't even have a chance to take a break.  we just had to be at 120 percent for 3 days. but in the end it turned out pretty well i think. we had a good time and we all learned a lot i think so it was pas mal. on the not so bright side, this week we were on two exchanges, so we had 2-3 whole days in our week where we couldn't do missionary work in our area, so that was pretty hard. we didn't have the best numbers this week, but it's fine i guess. we're just going to have to work even harder this next week, where we had two more exchanges to calais and dunkerque. hopefully we can pull off a miracle. and by pull off a miracle i mean get blessed by a miracle haha.

speaking of which, we had a really cool experience this week. so like i said, we've been gone for a long time this week. and also, this weekend, we had some rdvs set up with our baptismal dates, but they are kinda in a pickle right now.... so in the end, they both ended up canceling. one of them, claver, is kind of just starting his downward descent... he's becoming more and more bauffy and flakey and i don't think he's going to make it. but it's not all bad. we didn't really want to baptize someone who was going to go inactive a couple of weeks later anyway... but so yeah, we'll see how he's doing soon hopefully and maybe we can figure out what's going on. then also, cedric, he's got some different problems on his hands. he's living with his cousin now in an apartment, but as he's being taking the lessons and such, he realizes that that isn't the best place for him to live with all the drinking and partying and all that jazz going on. so he is now in the process of moving to find a better place to live, so that he can live these commandments better. he's has such a strong testimony, and the talks during conference really touched him. especially the one about the kid who was going back home from the states, and he said that all of his family was going to reject him and he work would be really hard to find because of it and this and that, but he knew it was true, so that is all that matters. cedric is exactly the same. he's a champion. so he's going through a hard time right now,  so that's no good. trials always right before the baptism... but as of now he should be good still for the 21. so anyyyyway. back to the story. so we learned about both of these things on saturday, after getting back from st quentin the night before, and so everything just kinda looked like it was falling apart. our only rdvs that we had fixed just canceled and we didn't have anything else to fall back on. so instead, we just went out finding. so honestly we were pooped. we were just really sad about how everything fell apart and we were just kinda feeling bad for ourselves and wondering what more we could do, cause honestly we were so tired. we thought we had done everything we could and we couldn't understand why we hadn't received blessings yet... so we were pretty disappointed, but we went contacting anyway, and the second person we contacted, his name is antoin, had 15 minutes, so we got to sit down and teach him a lesson. and we got another rdv with him. and he's super cool. so after all of that complaining and feeling bad for ourselves, we get hit by a miracle. we just felt stupid. it's like when you open christmas presents and you don't get what you want and so you whine and whine and then your parents had just hidden this one so it would be more of a surprise, and so then you get it and you just feel dumb? if that makes sense. that was our feeling. so we felt pretty humbled and blessed. so there's the little miracle of the week.

but yup, that's life here in villeneuve! everything is going great, and we're going to play tennis today with someone in the ward! so that's going to be fun. i'm excited for that. i've talked myself up quite a lot though so hopefully i don't make too big of a fool of myself haha. so voilà! bonne semaine et je vous aime! à bientôt!

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