Monday, March 19, 2012

transfer 5 comes to a close

SALUT mes potes.
welp, instead of asking rhetorical question to start this off, i'm just going to start talking about my week.

alors, this week was pretty good. we had a couple of amis at church, so that was cool. we have one new guy that is sweet. his name is cedric, he was found in valenciennes by the elders there, and then passed to the lille elders because he said he lived in lille, and so they taught him a couple of times, fixed a baptismal date, and then they passed him to us since they found out that he lived in our area. so we will have our first rdv with him this week, but he came to church, and he's pretty solid. so we're excited about that. our other baptismal date is slowly just trickly off the planet... he isn't really engaged at all and i think it really turned him off once he realized the commitment that it takes. cause we were just completely straight up with him. we don't want to baptize someone who is just going to stop coming to church the moment we stop following up with him... so i'm not sure if he's going to get baptized or not. we'll see i guess.

in other news, elder andrus is still a gimp. he's still just hobbling around on his crutches, so that's fun. he's gotten pretty good at them though, so it really doesn't hinder us at all anymore. he just looks funny and that's it. we get the sympathy vote too so that's a bonus. story, yesterday, we were on our way home from a less active's house, pascal mansuy, and we have this problem. instead of just taking the route that we know will get us home, we are always trying to find a quicker route. so instead of just going home the way we came, we tried stopping like 5 bus stops early because we thought that there was a metro there. we soon found out that that was not the case. so we started walking around aimelessly, and this is almost 9 o clock, so we kind of have to hurry home, so first we try knocking a door and asking where the metro is from there. obviously they didn't know or else didn't want to help us, so we kept walking and stopped the next person we saw. they told us where it was, but they said that it was about a kilometre away, and since my gimpy comp had crutches, they offered to drive us haha. it was stellar. so we accepted the ride and they dropped us off right at the metro entrance. so it does have it's benefits. on the down side, they weren't too interested in the gospel.

so. as to the work here in villeneuve d'ascq, it's going pretty good. nothing too exciting to report, but we're just trooping along. we got baufed like 6 times this week, so that was good. baufed for you that don't know means they didn't show up to the rdv because they are baufs. which is the noun for the verb to bauf. a synonyme for the word baufy could be flakey. bienvenue à la france eh?? haha so voilà mostly our week in a nutshell. we had a couple of exchanges, so that was fun i guess, even though i'm not a huge fan of exchanges because i'd rather just stay with my comp here in villeneuve, but whatever. i feel like i'm way to young to teach anyone anything, so i'd rather just stay and learn.

anyway so there's my week in a nutshell. hugs and kisses and have a good week! love you all!



Elder Matthew Meyers
223 A05, blvd De Valmy
La France

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