Monday, March 12, 2012

salut salut!

hey hey! welp, this week, in all honesty i don't really have much to report. we had a lot of good lessons, and we're still finding some new people out here, and life is going pretty good. we're working hard and doing our best. we had exchanges with the APs this week, we read an interesting talk together. it was called the 4th missionary. and i've read it before somewhere but i can't remember where. but it was really good and we're trying to apply the things we learned in it. it basically talked about not doing missionary work because we're supposed to or something like that, but really giving our whole heart, serving with all our heart might mind and strength, really just turning our will over to God, and then, we will really find the joy in missionary work. and it's so true. some days, being a missionary is the greatest thing in the world, and all i want to do is share the gospel, and then others aren't so hot. but that is really the difference. so that's what we're working on this week/fortherestofourmission. in other news, at this point, we have one baptismal date, his name is claver, and he came to church yesterday! i think he had an okay time, but on the down side, he may or may not have slept through priesthood ha... so that was an exciting occurance. nothing more you can do but just laugh about it. the members here are still the best people in the world. we went to eat and someones house yesterday, and we're in the middle of setting up a golf date now. there is a golf course right next to his house, so we're going to go play golf with him and his less active brother some time. we're so excited. hopefully it works out. other than that, i can't really think of anything else exciting that happened this weeeekk..... so voilĂ  quoi!

life is good here in villeneuve. still loving every minute! love you all and hope everything is just stellar on the home front! bye bye!

-- Elder Matthew Meyers
 223 A05, blvd De Valmy
La France

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