Sunday, February 19, 2012

Villeneuve d'Ascq!

well how are you everyone. so to start out, i love villeneuve. the ward is great and i love my companion. we get along super well. but before we move on from that, i'm just gonna say i still miss elder andrus version 1.0. we had a lot of fun together and he's a stellar kid and a good missionary. ima miss him. cry.

so here we are in villeneuve, and we were just so excited to get started. the first night we went to ward council, and it was so good. the leadership here is all stellar and we are really excited to get things going here. the sisters here are great, i'm enjoying it so far and they are helping us out a lot seeing as we know nothing about the city yet. just as a little background, the missionaries here before us weren't the best. when we got to the apartment, it was the dirtiest thing that i've ever seen. there were still crumbs allll over the floor and the table hadn't even been wiped off. also, all we heard from any missionaries who had served in villeneuve was about how bad the apartment was. but when we got there, it's actually not that bad at all. the only problem was that the missionaries before didn't take any care of it at all. it was the dirtiest thing on the planet, there were things broken cause they didn't take care of it, but other than that, it's just fine. we spent the first couple of days cleaning because it was absolutely unlivable, and now it looks really nice. i have no complaints at all. and the ward is just great, we had a really good time on sunday getting to know them a little, and i'm really learning a lot already. elder andrus is a stud. he's from idaho falls, and he's a baseball player. there you go dad. but he's super funny and we get a long really well. we think we're pretty funny too, even though most of the time everyone else doesn't haha.

so to answer some pronounciation question. villeneuve d'ascq - veelnuv dask. that's as close as i can get haha. and lille - leel. if you still have more questions, i'm sure there is something on the internet that can tell you about it. as to a summary of the zone. well. we have 4 missionaries out here in villeneuve (that's me! and sisters). 4 in lille. we share a ward building for the two wards of lille and villeneuve, so that's an adventure. valencienne has 2 out there, st quentin has 2 also. 2 in calais, 2 in amien, 2 in arras (sisters), dunkerque has 2. and that's it. so there are 20 in our zone. our area here in villeneuve goes from the edge of lille on the east to belgium. we have a little part of belgium in our area so that's fun.

other news, elder andrus likes to be lazy. haha no i'm just kidding, but, he does have tendonitis. bummer huh? so his left foot is all swollen and the doctor told him that he needs to stay off of it for at least a week. so we just got here and are all ready to work and to turn things around here, and then that happens. so these last couple of days we've just been sitting around the apartment being bored. and making our apartment really clean since that's the only fun thing to do. so yeah, we're ready to get out. but, this next week we have to go visit the three district meetings in our zone, so we're going to be out and about. we got him some super lame french crutches (since they don't use normal crutches, they are more like canes) and we're managing. since we haven't been getting out though we've been doing a lot of area book work, so we have a lot of things set for this week, hopefully it'll go through. as for the area, we weren't left with much. we're kinda starting over here so we're pretty exciting about it. it'll be fun.

well i don't really know what else to tell you, and we're kinda pressed for time, as it turns out, pdays as zone leaders are not fun. we have so many things we have to get done today. but that's life! welp, love you! au revoir!

-- Elder Matthew Meyers

223 A05, blvd De Valmy 59650
La France

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