Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012! end of the world?

bonjour tout le monde! comment ça va? tout le monde a passé des bonnes fêtes??
happy new year eh? it's so crazy that it's already 2012. i feel so old. in just a couple of short years, i'm going to be over the hill and then a couple of years after that i'll have one of those cool canes with tennis balls on the bottom. so excited.
well, here in mulhouse, everything is going just peachy. nothing too crazy has happened this last week. we did find a new ami! her name is muriel, and she is a young mother with a 8 month old son who is super cute, and she's really nice and open. we found her porting about a week ago and we finally followed up when she was home, so we got to teach her the first lesson! it was good. now the only thing is getting a second rendez-vous and having her show up and actually have read and progress and such. easy right? haha si seulment. but no worries. life goes on!
oh so guess what? so this week, we did a ton of work with our area book. we got it all organized and found all the potential amis who hadn't been taught since like 2007, and called every single one of them. and guess what?? it payed off! we have 5 rdvs set for this week already! and i have at least 10 people who told me to call back after the holidays. so hopefully we'll get even more! it's great. now all we have to do is figure out how to retain these people... we seem to have a problem getting past the first lesson with some people. mais bon, c'est la vie eh. but i'll report on how that goes with everyone next week, who was actually for reals and such. on verra.
so do you want to hear what we did for new years? well, yesterday, the 1st, was a pday, probably because there was no point in talking to anyone because they were so hungover and such. so we woke up and went to church in the morning, and on the tram we talked to a very interesting man who was very high and drunk. both. impressive eh? he told us all about how he woke up this morning and first drank some vodka, then champagne, then he smoked a cigarette, then he smoked some weed, then another cigarette, and he also has another one in his pocket. BUT, he's usually a really calm person. this is what he told us. hahaha oh the joys of france. so anyway, we had a nice time at church, and then after, we came home to our appartment, and from about 1 o clock on, we just boefed around the appartment. we did absolutely nothing! it was embarrassing, and it felted like such a waste of time, but we didn't know what to do. it was either that or go party. so we chose the former. proud of us? so yeah, it was just stellar. at least we're rested up for the rest of the week. or year. nice productive way to start off the year eh?
okay well that's life here in france! hope everything is going well in the united states of america. je vous aime tous et meilleurs voeux! à bientôt!

Elder Matthew Meyers
2 rue Guillaume Tell
68100 Mulhouse
La France

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