Monday, January 16, 2012

tick tock for mulhouse

herro everyone!
so i'm realizing more and more as time going along, that time is ticking away here in mulhouse. i've almost been here for six months now. that's a lot! and after all that time, i'm going to be packing up and moving off soon.... it's crazy. it's a bitter sweet feeling. cause i'm really pretty excited to see more of france, but i'm not too happy about leaving all the people here in mulhouse. that amis, the members, and everyone, especially since the work is picking up here again. so we'll see. life goes on no matter what so it's not a big deal. just thinking out loud.
anyway, on a different note, this week was really good. we had about a lesson a day, and we have some amis who are starting to progress! so it's good. so i believe that i told you about our new amis thierry and natalie. thierry is from the congo, and we have now taught him two lessons, and we fixed a baptismal date with him for the 11 feb! so that's super cool. but it's more of a baptismal goal, not really a fixed date, so we hope that he can gain his testimony by then. he is terrific though. he came to church this week for the last two hours, and after the meeting, he just thanked us for the good time he had. he is a really cool guy. so hopefully he'll stick to it and follow through with the date, and what's more, that he'll stay in the church. cause it happens a lot out here that people get baptized and after a couple of weeks, they just completely fall out. they don't always understand the endure to the end concept... so we're going to see what we can do. cause it's not really worth baptizing somewhen when he's just going to turn around and forget about the church after you leave. but we'll see. we pray. that's all ya can do. anyway, natalie, she's the wife of jeremie mortz, who i'm sure i told you about last week. and they are so amazing. i love these two. she is so ready for the gospel, it's crazy. we had 2 rdvs with them this week, and got the second one, i decided to ask her what it was that finally got her interesting in the church. because she's been married to jeremie for like 13 years now, and she's had Frere mortz, her father in law talk to her since square one, i'm sure. so she said that it was because she had everything. she had a house, she had two kids, she had a great husband, a good job, a good life. but then she took a step back and looked at her brothers and sisters in law. she saw that there was something there that they didn't have. they had something that made a difference. the difference was the gospel. so that was so cool to me. she is so ready, and i we are hopefully going to set a baptismal date at our next rdv. hopefully one for before i leave, but we'll see... can't have everything ya know.
well. that's kinda our week. it's soldes now, so i need to go. i'm going to blow all of my money. haha but i love everyone and i hope everything is going well!
bye bye!

Elder Matthew Meyers
2 rue Guillaume Tell
68100 Mulhouse
La France

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