Monday, January 16, 2012

wheeek 1 of transfer 4! they should spell week like that.

bonjour mes amis! comment ça va? comment s'est passé la semaine?
just thought i would show off some french to you for a sec there. kinda a big deal eh? haha i jest, but how is everyone?? life is going well in dear old america? so just to tell you, in like every train station and metro, and really publicities all over the place, they're advertising hunger games!! the movie. i'm not sure exactly when it comes out in english cause it's probably before frenchy here, but i need someone to tell me if it's good or not. because books to movies turn out awful sometimes. so i need to know if all these nights sleep that i'm wasting are worth it. haha no not really, i'm just curious! i don't know if i should be excited for it, or pooped because it's lame.
okay anyway, life here in mulhouse is going actually just terrifically. last week was just amazing. a couple of weeks ago like i told you, we did a lot of area book work, just looking through all of our potentials, and this week, we got to actually teach them! and although there are some that are just meh, at the same time, we found some really great people. the first one i'll tell you about is names josue. he is actually a jew. kind of exciting huh? he's the first jew that i've taught. but sidenote, a family in our ward, the durands, they are pretty much like our parents here in mulhouse, they're just terrific, well anyway, sr durand was a jew before she became a mormon, so today, we have another rdv with him, and we have her and her husband coming! so it's going to be really exciting (we hope). but he is really nice and very open and he had a lot of good questions last time. so we're excited. i also left my scarf over there last time. that doesn't really have any relavence, but thought you might want to know :) Also, we have another new ami, who is actually the wife of a less active. they are both just awesome. his name is jeremie mortz. recognize that name? i don't know if i've mentioned the mortz before in emails, but at least my family will know, that's the family that we spent christmas eve at. also, their family makes up about a fourth or more of our ward haha. but they are all just great people, and so he has started coming to church the past couple of weeks, so we set up a rdv with him and his wife to teach them this week! they are both just great people, and that's probably the highlight of the week. we're also going to teach with their sister in law, sr mortz. so it's all sorts of exciting. i honestly can't wait. the one thing that i'm really sad about though, is the fact that i think i only less than 6 weeks left here now.... so i might not be able to see the results. but whatever. that's life. ce n'est pas grave. i still feel super blessed to be able to at least start and take part in it.
oh also, just a side note, the baptism this week actually didn't go through. but don't fret, it was just a technical issue. nothing big. she's set for this week now. it wasn't even a problem, just a little technical slip up or whatever. so we're still excited.
but yeah, don't want to make this too long, but just to make sure you caught what i was saying, this week was just stellar. we had 3 new amis, which is our goal, and there are two other people that we just have to set up follow up rdvs with and then they'll be new amis. they just told us to call them, so let's hope so. so if things continue to go as they are at this moment, life we be good for the next six weeks. and if not, quand même it'll be good haha.
okay well, i love you all and i hope life is going great. bonne année eh??
hugs and kisses.

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