Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new years already!

I cannot believe that christmas is already over!! it's so weird that you look forward to this holiday for the whole year, and then when it finally comes, it comes and goes without you even noticing. Christmas is definitely an interesting time to spend on the mission though. i've decided that this is definitely the holiday for families. anyway, new years is now coming! only a week away and then the world ends!!! everyone ready??? haha i jest, but it's weird that it's already 2012. time flies. ima be 20 years old in a couple of months. so old. i'm pretty much over the hill.... tant pis i guess.
so anyway, how is everyone? so today is a tuesday, but it is also our p day, because here in alsace, they think that they can just make any day a holiday, so for them the 26th is also a holiday, so every store was closed, so we couldn't do our shopping or emails or anything out here in the boonies, so here we are the next day.
hmm, i really don't know what to write about this week. we had a pretty slow week, as to missionary work. people don't really have time to hear about christ during this season where we celebrate the birth of christ. interesting how things like that work out haha. but ce n'est pas grave, life goes on. we went through our area book yesterday, and we made a huuuuge list of people that we're going to call. people that had be contacted in the past, but nothing really turned out with it, so we're going to go crazy on this list and hopefully we'll see some results. on verra!
in other happenings in mulhouse, with the ending of christmas, the marché de noël is ending too... sad huh? i think it ends like tomorrow or something. so that'll be sad to see go. all the happiness that was in our life is now going to be ripped away haha no just kidding, but it was nice to walk home through the happiness of christmas. even if we did have a bad day, you can't stay mad in an environment like that
oh also, in christmas events, we went over to the mortz family for christmas eve, and we had some interesting foods haha. first, we started it off with an appetizer of foie gras. for those of you who don't know, literally translated, that means liver fat. and that's exactly what it is! the fat of the liver of a duck. yum yum. psych haha not my favorite. but then we had some caviar also which i actually forgot to try! i was super mad, but i was in the middle of eating the other appetizers when they brought it out, and then when i looked up again they had taken it away. so i'm a failure, but i'm sure i'll get another chance to try it one day. Then also, for the main course, we had lamb and chessnuts and such! twas good for sure. it's so interesting to notice the huge differences in what we eat in the states and out here. mais c'est bon alors c'est tout ce qui compte!
okay well that's about everything for this week! hope all is well in the states, and i love you all and hope you had a happy christmas!
bonnes fêtes!

Elder Matthew Meyers
2 rue Guillaume Tell
68100 Mulhouse
La France

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