Wednesday, November 16, 2011

transfers be a coming....

so it's super weird to think about the fact that transfers are in like a week. i will find out saturday what the deal is in dear old mulhouse and if i'm going to get to stay or be shipped off for somewhere else. do you want me to tell you what i hope? well. i either want to stay here in mulhouse, because i really love our ward here. they are all just super great. and the work is starting to get going here too. orrr. i'd like to go to paris or something for christmas. but we will see. it's not my decision, so i'll go where the Lord wants me to go and not complain. c'est la vie.  i'm sad to leave elder coleman too. but i don't really think that there is a chance that we are going to stay together... but we can still cross our fingers right?
so let's see. this week was honestly crazy. just fou. just to give you a quick glimpse of what we did this week, we spent 22 hours on trains this week. 22. it was just out of control. story. so this week was zone conference, and president kopischke, the president of the europe presidentcy, was giving the training. but he was only doing it 3 times, so there were multiple zones going to each conference. and it was in paris. so we, living all the way out in mulhouse, had to go in the day before. but on the bright side, the APs called us to stay with them, so that was actually super fun. anyway, so we got on our 3 hour TGV train to head into paris on wednesday night. we get in and the APs come pick us up, and just a side story, we went to Carrefour, a walmart type store, and got sushi, because it was Elder Hall's 6 month left mark. so we got that and ate it that night, and it was really good. they surprisingly have really good sushi there as it turns out. and yes, i may have eaten some octopus. it's super chewy. not the best. anyway, back to the story, so then we went to zone conference the next day, which was super good. but by the time it was over, there weren't any trains to get home. and it didn't help that it was a holiday the next day (armistice day 11/11). so anyway, instead, we had to get a train in the morning at 8 o clock, but since it was a holiday, all of the fast trains were full, so we got to take an intercité aka the slowest train in existence because it stops at like every city along the way. so that took 6 hours. ew. so we finally got home and then we unpacked and took a potty break, and we ready to get some work done, when guess who calls? president! he calls us and tells us that there is a mission counsel meeting, (the meeting that is usually just for zone leaders) and elder kopischke had asked him to invite a couple of other companionships to come too. so he invited us to come, and we said okay when is it? yup. tomorrow. so he tells us to go the gare (train station) right now and get tickets haha. so we hurry and pack and get our stuff together and head to the gare! we buy our tickets and hop on the train 30 minutes later. we had honestly been home for an 1 and now we were off to paris. AGAIN. haha. but anyway, we got on the train, and we actually got the chance to teach this guy from new zealand, in english even, while on the train. we started off just talking normal, but by the end, we had taught the whole plan of salvation. it was super good. and so great to be able to teach in english. so anyway, we went to the meeting the next day, which was just a greaaaat meeting, and then turned around and came home again. and we got to take an intercité again. 5 more hours. woo woo! so if we are counting RERs in paris and METRO times, we count 22 hours of train transit. haha. oh boy. it was a super great experience, and i'm really glad that president called us to come to the meeting, it was just that trains killed us this week. so anyway, we were in, or in transit from paris from wednesday to saturday at 9:45 when we got in. so our whole week was honestly wasted. we taught one lesson and that's it this week. but still, we had a super uplifting and spiritually (draining) week haha. i loved it.
but sunday, on the bright side, there is this less active, that is names frère gustave, who is slowly reactivating, and his daughter elizabeth is 11 and not baptized yet. but she is really good friends with the young women in the ward, and she is pretty much active, because she comes with her dad every week. so with the help of our bishop and our ward, we found out that she wants to get baptized now! and her mom is okay with it too (frere gustave is divorced). so we set up a rendezvous for saturday, and we're gonna set a baptismal date then! we are so excited. it's gonna be stellar. so now we just have to teach her the lessons, and then she gets to be baptized! it's gonna be great.
but yeah, that's pretty much my week this week. super crazy, and busy, but good. i hope everyone at home is doing well! je vous aime tous! à bientôt!

Elder Matthew Meyers
2 rue Guillaume Tell
68100 Mulhouse
La France

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