Monday, November 7, 2011

mormons aren't amish!

hi everyone!
so just to start off this email, why is it that everyone confuses mormons for amish!!! it's unreal. it's not even kind of the same thing. but everyone. they think that amish = mormon. and you want to hear the crowning jewel on this whole thing? well everyone knows that we're american cause we're just beaux gars (haha or maybe it's our outrageous accent), but the funny thing is, that they think that amish is an american thing too, when in all reality, it comes from alsace. yes. the very region that they are living in. incredible, france. well done haha. golly goodness people. get your facts straight. it doesn't even sound similar haha.
also, funny random fact. guess what the word for cotton candy is in french? yeah, barbe à papa, aka papa's beard haha. that sure is something that i want to eat. num num.
so anyyyyyyway. this week was honestly just terrific. so good.  first off, we had a mangez vous almost every day this week. it was stellar and it all tastes so good. the only bad thing is the fact that after each time that we eat with a member, all we want to do is explode. they just keep shoving food down our throats, and i'm still not sure how to politely say  <if i eat any more food i will probably die>. ps, those are french quotation marks. cool huh? right. so second reason, we had the coolest thing happen this week. so we got a call this week from an elder in the office of the lyon mission. and his name is elder prunin. and i'd seen this name before, and as it turns out, he had served in this very city just a little while ago. this was his blue ville, so he was trained here just like me. so that was a precious little moment that we shared. but anyway, so after he asked a little about how mulhouse was doing, he gave us this referral. it was from a member in perpignon (a city in the south) who had a cousin here in the mulhouse that was super nice and liked the church and so the member in perpignon gave us here address so we could go talk to her. so we said can do. so the day that we were doing it, we were on exchanges with the ZLs, and so me and elder coburn went on out. we found the house, and we rang the sonnet, and a girl pokes her head out the window of the apartment building, and said who is it? so we say we're missionaries! and she freaked out! it was so cool. and this was a good freak out mind you haha. she said wait wait i'm coming i'm coming! so she ran down the stairs, and she was actually genuinely happy to see us! and that does not happen often. so we come in, and the girl that answered the door is called pearl. she is 16, and she has a 17-18 year old sister named amour and their mom. and their mom was super happy to see us too! so we got to know them for awhile and then we asked if we could teach a lesson. and they said sure! so we pulled out our books of mormon, and she said wait let me get mine, and she pulled out this triple combination that her cousin had given her! it was just great. so then we proceeded to teach them the first lesson about joseph smith and the restoration. and it was honestly the best experience ever. when we got to the story of joseph smith, i told recounted his story, and then i got the first vision, and i recited it to them, and i've honestly never felt the spirit stronger. i don't know if it was just me that felt it, because God knew that i needed that confirmation, but either way, i can no longer doubt that joseph smith was a prophet or that this is his church. i know that he was called of God to restore the very same church that Jesus Christ established when he was here on the earth. but anyway, so we taught the rest of the lesson, and it went super well i think. we commited them to read the book of mormon together and the two girls said they would come to church, but the mom couldn't this week because she works, but she said she could and wanted to in 3. so we just get to wait for her a little. but that's fine, because the two girls came to church! and i think they actually had a good time and hopefully felt the spirit. we had a really great testimony meeting and all of our members and super great, so i hope they could at least feel something. so yeah, we're going to teach them again this week, and i honestly can't wait.
so another fun thing that happened this week, is that we got to put on a fireside where we watched the joseph smith movie. and that was really cool. except for the fact that none of our amis came and there was only about 10 members there, but all in all, it was a good experience for the people that came and i at least know that their testimony grew.
um. so yeah. that was about the extent of our week. so hopefully we'll have some good news about this family next week. we are going to try to set baptismal dates with them, but we'll see. so yeah. if you want to pray for us/them, that'd be fun. just pray for PAM. haha that's what we call them. Pearl, Amour, and Marie. pam. haha. anyway. so yeah! that's my life. everyone remember that this week is 11/11/11. don't forget to make a wish at 11:11. okay cool. je vous aime! bonne semaine!
Elder Matthew Meyers
2 rue Guillaume Tell
68100 Mulhouse
La France

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