Monday, September 24, 2012

bonjour tout le monde!

hello! comment ça va? ici à Caen, ça va très bien. this week was an adventure if nothing else. we spent the whole weekend in paris and versailles. it was intense. so the beginning of the week, we didn't do anything to special. just a normal week, just preparing our amis for their baptism! stanley steve and augustine are all going to be baptized this saturday! crazy huh? so that's super exciting. this week is going to be really intense though with us trying to get everything ready, especially since we don't really have the help of the ward on this one.... the bishop isn't very happy because they are trying to get their papers, so they aren't legal in france yet, and it's possible that they never will be. and they don't speak french yet, although they are learning. so at first, he told us that he wouldn't even let them be baptized in his ward, but then we talked to president poznanski, et he talked to the stake president, and we got the approval, cause honestly, who are we to decide who gets salvation and who doesn't? if they meet the baptismal requirements, we have no right to tell them that they can't be baptized. so anyway that was an interesting experience we had with the bishop. but yeah, he's not really excited about that, and our ward mission leader is pretty much less active at the moment. he kinda just avoids our calls and never calls us back and doesn't reply to texts or anything. so it's pretty fun for us. he's the coolest guy in the world, he's just been dmp for forever and he's done with it. he's trying to get released i think. anyway, so it's an adverture. but we'll get it all worked out. at least we've both been around the block a little bit, so we'll be able to get it all worked out. we're just stressing to make sure everything gets done. it's good though.
so anyway, nothing really to report for the first of the week, but then the weekend we just spent partying in paris. on friday we woke up early to go to zone conference in paris. at the conference, we got to give a little training, and we had a nice little object lesson with mnms, so that was fun and we all had a good time. i also learned a lot. then after that conference, we went on exchanges with the assistants. and as usual, it was a terrific exchange. those two are just so good and they helped me a lot. i learned a lot about testifying of jesus christ more and really just increasing my testimony of him. so we saw some pretty cool things that night. we went out to this rdv with an ami, and we show up, and he isn't there. so we say bon, well let's go find the real reason we are here then. so we say a prayer, and we go out and start to knock doors. so that night, we honestly knocked like 10 doors, and we had about 7 of them open for us and 6 out of those 7 said to come back on sunday. talk about effective porting. so that was sweet. then the next day we went out and chased down some less actives with some cookies, but they ended up not being there, so we shoved them in their mail box with a little note :) and after that, we said a prayer to decide what to do, and we ended up walking out and on our way to the car we pass this house, and we decide to ring the bell, so we ring it and as it turns out, it's an american lady that we got to teach a little bit. she's not terrible interested, but it was still sweet to be guided right to her door. and elder gubbay bought a painting from her haha. random fact. her son in law was a killer artist though. anyway, so then that night we went to stake conference and sang in the choir. it was just precious. we had a missionary choir and we sang the mission song and then sang "peuple du monde, ecoutez donc" cantique #170, which i cannot remember what it is in english ha, but it was good. and stake conference was terrific. they talked the whole saturday night session about missionary work, so that was knarly. then the next day we went to stake conference again, on sunday, and after that we hopped on a train to go home. it was a long weekend, but it was really good. and to top it all off, i left our keys in versailles, so we had to call up a member to bring us the extra keys, and it was just a dumb experience. mais bon, c'est la vie. we'll get them back this week when we go up for district meeting. so voilà my week. sorry if it seems really random and not organized, i'm trying to hurry cause it's elder johnson's birthday today, and he has a package coming and we don't want to miss it. so voilà quoi. but bon, love you all and hope you have a terrific week! bisous!

Elder Meyers

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