Monday, September 17, 2012

starting another transfer

bonjour à tous!
herro everyone. well this week was really good. it was transfer week, so that was kind of an adventure helping everyone get all settled in for transfers. the biggest project for the week was really helping the sister missionaries get on their feet. sister pulupuna and sister mataalii both came in on wednesday night, and that was when it all started. we went and picked them up from he gare with a member, loaded everything into his car, and set off to eat at his house for their first mangez-vous. we dropped them off there and then we headed over to another families house to eat. just a little background on these two, soeur pulupuna is from tonga, and soeur mataalii is samoan haha. so we got in two islanders, and they are both great. soeur pulupuna is in about her fifth transfer, and she is just a bundle of love haha. the ward loves her and she is super funny and just really loves everyone in the ward. soeur mataalii is lost haha. she is a complete blue and this is her first city, so she is really just a typical blue. it's super funny to be around blues again, cause she is just so tired adn doesn't understand really and is always seems a little lost, but she has the fire and is excited to teach the gospel to the frenchies. so anyway, that night, the members both took us home in the same car, and as we got to the appartment, we showed them around, (we had spent forever the last transfer cleaning it because the elders that left didn't really clean at all.....) so we showed them around and got all their suitcases taken up to their rooms and everything, fixed some lightbulbs and everything then got home and said good luck, we can't help you tomorrow cause we'll be in paris all day, but good luck! we showed them where evrything is on the map and then let them go. so then the next day we went to paris, had zone council which was really good as usual, and then the next day we had dmp meeting (ward mission leader meeting) with them. we talked about all of our amis and everything and helped them figure out what was going on, then went to get them their bus passes. so we got those, and told them to meet us a little later at the church to go over their areabook so we can tell them about the ward and everything. so we do that, but they show up kinda late, and we have a rdv, so they decided to just go upstairs and do their weekly planning while we teach the rdv. well, june and judith show up, and also our member friend had also brought a friend. it was this little 16 year old girl, and the lesson that we had planned today was not really a beginners lesson ha... so elder johnson, out of pure inspiration, asks this girl if she would rather meet with the sisters for a bit instead of us. she says yes, so we take her up to the sisters and tell them surprise! they were terrified, but happy, and we went down to teach our lesson. so we taught our lesson, and in all honesty, it went terrible ha, but we got over, and went up to talk to the sisters, and they were so so happy. they had just had a terrific rdv with this girl and she's coming back next week and it was just great. soeur mataalii especially was just so excited and happy to have taught her first real french person, instead of just her mtc teachers. and it was just a nice reminder to see how happy they both were, and how that's how we should be after every lesson. it's interesting how you get used to doing things. cause we're teaching french people about jesus christ, that's kinda a big deal and not something that you do any old day haha. so that was super cool. it was good because our lesson was not really good at all, but that we were able to help these two to teach a good lesson, that was a lot better. i've realized lately that you can have joy that comes from you seeing miracles, but then there is the joy that comes from helping others see miracles, and that's so much better. i guess service to others really does give you a good feeling inside. it's funny cause before, when i had soeurs in my city, they were really experienced and we didn't really have to help them a lot, but with these two, we kinda just feel like their older brothers, out there to help them find people and just to protect them.

so that was mostly our week. a lot of helping other and being a zone leader instead of a missionary. it was really good. as to other things, don't worry about our friend in the ghetto, he was muslim anyway and not really interested, so we won't be seeing him again. so no worries there. our amis are all doing really well too. steve stanley and augustine are all just preparing themselves for their baptism for the 29th! sad part is that this next week is stake conference in Versailles, so they won't be able to go, but it's okay. our other amis are all doing well and everything is just peachy here.

other than that, i don't know what to talk about. everything is great, love you all, and hope you have the best week of ever. (and yes i realize that that is not proper english, i just wanted to say it. normally i would just leave it and not write this little note about how i know that it was wrong, but the problem is that i probably made like a million mistakes like that throughout this letter, and i'm forgetting how to speak english, so i just want you to know that that one there i did on purpose. okay cool) love you!

Elder Matthew Meyers
1 rue de la Délivrande
14000 Caen
La France

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