Tuesday, May 22, 2012

birthday week!

well, i am now officially 20 years old. weird huh. to tell the truth, birthdays start to mean less as less as you get older. i don't feel different at all even though i am now no longer a hooligan teenager and i'm supposed to be all sorts of sophisticated now. life goes on eh? as to what i did for my birthday, a whole bunch of missionary work!! woo woo! so nothing too special, but we did go get a gaufre à la vanille from our favorite pâtisserie meert's and we ate a kebab for lunch. but that was mostly because we just didn't have time for anything else haha. we had 6 lessons planned for that day. so we were pretty excited, we were set on getting members there for all of them and everything. so we call the night before and get them all confirmed, and then guess what happens? we get a 3/6 for the day. it couldn't been the best day of the mission easily, but then we had to have some baufffy amis haha. but c'est pas grave, on va les voir un autre jour on espère.

As to news here in villeneuve. we are currently just working our bottoms off. people always tell you that a mission is hard, and it's true that you work hard and get tired hard, but it's definitely not complicated or difficult hard. i love it. just the fact of getting home and knowing that you left nothing out there is such a good feeling. mission life is great.

our amis at the moment are as follows: claver, who has a baptismal date for june 2, hopefully we'll be able to get him completely ready for that. or more precisely, especially for him, hopefully he can get himself prepared for then. but we're still working with him. we'll see. tianwen wei, who is our chinese friend. he came to church for the second time yesterday and he liked it again. he just keeps steadily progressing along. he's a champion. and then we have a bunch of other amis that aren't quite to the worth writing home stage yet. we'll see where they go and if they stay and then i'll give you the update. all of our amis though, are all just young adults. we target them so bad and it's so much more fun. they are so much more open and they are just all our best buddies. all of our amis are just our best potes. i'm definitely just coming back and hanging out with all of them someday. we'll go drink a sprite together haha. and go clubbing. at soccer clubs. we did have 4 amis at church this week though, so that was pretty stellar. we sure do get blessed. story time.

so last week on p day, we decided that we were going to go play some ping pong at the church (sidenote, i was the champion in case anyone was wondering haha) and so we get there and start playing around, there are a couple of members there and cedric, our recent convert was there too. so we are just playing around, and then out of nowhere, this guy walks in and shakes everyone's hand, i just figured that it was someone from the other ward or something, and then he kinda starts asking some questions. and he's standing over by cedric, and so he starts answering the questions. question like what is the place and such and such who are you such and such. so at first, we think about answering the questions, but instead, we decide to leave cedric, our newly baptized pote to answer them to give him his first missionary experience. it was so cool and so funny. he's such a champion that one. so anyway, we end up playing ping pong with this guy and talking, and we got his number, he came to family night that night, and then he came to church this sunday. it was so cool to have someone just fall into our hands. turns out that ping pong is the best finding method there is haha. so at church, just a side note, he wasn't a huge fan of sacrament meeting because they didn't really talk about jesus as much as he was used to since there were other topics for the talks, but then he had a good time in sunday school in our amis class, so we did get a rdv with him this week. he's a cool guy.

anyway, i'm running out of things to say now and i'm gonna fall asleep at the keyboard for some reason. but, i love you all and thanks for the birthday wishes! hope you all have the best week ever.

gros bisous!

Elder Matthew Meyers
7 rue Blanche apt 34
Lille 59000
La France

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