Monday, May 7, 2012

transfer times!

well i'm sure everyone is just so excited to hear about transfers, so i'll spill the beans. well, we had exchanges with the APs the other week and we were talking to them and he pretty much told us that we weren't going to be staying together because that would mean that one of us would have to stay for 4 transfers and that would be kind of a lot, so we were pretty much banking on the fact that one of us would be leaving. but guess what? if that didn't give it away already, we're staying for 3 together in VDASQC! cool huh? and honestly we're so excited. this ward is just so amazing and elder andrus is a way good missionary so it's fun to work together. we work hard and we're getting to the point where we can finish each others.......... food. so that's a bonus haha. but yup so there's the big news! on the other side, there will be some changes. instead of two companionships of elders in lille, there are now going to be sisters in lille, so that means we're changing apartments! the sisters of lille are now going to be taking our apartment and we are going to be moving into the apartment in lille with the other lille elders. so that should be exciting having a 4some. so there ya go. we're having no changes really, but we have to move anyway. that's the one thing i didn't want to do. packing is the worst. so today we've pretty much just been getting ready for transfers. getting everything cleaned spotless for the sisters. the metcalfe couple, the couple missionaries here, are at our house right now in the middle of painting our bathroom and such. so that's fun. right when we leave, they finally fix up the place haha. silly spoiled soeurs haha.

 so this week was just amazing. we had a knarly week. sunday was probably the best sunday we have ever had on the mission. it was fast and testimony meeting, and it was the best meeting ever. throughout these whole two transfers, we've really just been trying to help the members to do missionary work and we've been doing a lot of stuff to get them moving, and this meeting, honestly almost all of the testimonies that we had were about missionary work and the experiences that they have had. they are all just so great. we're so spoiled here in our ward. we honestly have probably the best ward in france. so they all bore their testimonies about how they have had some great missionary experiences and we just heard a bunch of miracles today and to hear them share it out in front of everyone else was even better. it's going to help the ward catch even more on fire. so voila. we just feel super blessed to be able to serve here. for three de plus. hoooooray.

well, in other news, i'm not really sure what to say. we're going to play tennis and basketball today, so we're pretty excited. should be an adventure. if we don't break anything haha. mais bon, c'est pas grave. it builds character right? right.

 to the fam bam, so about mothers day calls. we are going to be skyping, and the time will be from 6ish-6h30ish my time. so if you could be there on skype at around that time that would be terrific. so that should make about 10ish your time i think? so expect a call around that time. hopefully i'll have a phone i can call you before to tell you i'm on, but if not, just be ready haha. so hopefully that works... if not, i'll talk to you at christmas haha. okay so there you go. just to tell you, there is a change of address there at the bottom so keep your eyes on that. other than that, nothing too special. love you all so much and hope you guys are doing as much missionary work as my ward here! salut!

 -- Elder Matthew Meyers
7 rue Blanche apt 34
59000 Lille
La France

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