Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the day after mothers' day


well first off, it's been a long time since i talked to my family, so a little shout out to them! sorry about the non videoness of the skyping the other day, but that's how life is sometimes. i tried and tried but i couldn't figure it out. i think it was cause the ipad doesn't work, neither did the other tablet for the video, and i actually found out that the computer that i was trying to get to work wouldn't connect to skype because as it turns out, it wasn't connected to the internet. haha so that's the story about how you didn't get to see me. sorry. speaking of which though, thank you for the great idea you had mom for the call. i honestly didn't have any ideas of what to talk about. it was kind of just "oh hey there. we're talking now, but i don't really know what to talk about" but it was good to see you too. clara is huge. when did that happen. she's doing n'importe quoi now haha. so funny. she would say mike's name instead of mine for the first time. what a punk. and missy is having her baby soon too! that's intense. i'm excited to be an uncle again. and when this kid gets to about the age of actually remembering people i'll be home so mike won't have a huge head start on me. the punk. both of them haha. so yeah, i just talked to you, so i don't have really anything much to say, but just want you to know that i love you and hope that you are doing just peachy! it was nice talking to you for a little bit even though dad doesn't love me and wasn't there, but i at least love everyone else in the family! haha jokes dad i love you too! don't fret. at least you had a half decent excuse. so voilĂ . i don't really know what more else to add, things are going great here and i'm still loving it. oh also, to answer a couple of questions. as to elder andrus, i swear i thought i told you think before but maybe not, he's from idaho, idaho falls to be exact. if aunt lorrie has done any geneology before, he goes back to a milo andrus a little while back who was quite the polygamist and had about 10 wives or so. elder baby andrus was also related to this same milo andrus. haha so there's a little of his geneology. and about chocolate. i'm actually not too sure. i don't eat it all that often because i waste my money on pasteries instead of chocolate, but a couple a brands that are pretty good are cote d'or and lindt. i think that still some of my favorite chocolate that i've had are those lindt lindor balls. they are so good. oh another side note, i've developed this taste for dark chocolate here too. before i didn't like it at all, but now i'm a huge fan. the chocolate is a lot better here. so yeah. i hope i answered all of your questions, i just skimmed over your email and will read it later, so if there is anything that i missed, just super bold it with capital letters next time haha. so yeah. that's life! i love you! ciao!

Elder Matthew Meyers
7 rue Blanche apt 34
Lille 59000
La France

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