Monday, May 28, 2012


well, i had a couple of things to write about this week, but then when i got here to do my emails, i just got distracted by the fact that i now have a new nephew named charmander that i don't even remember anymore! that's all sorts of exciting! he's about the right age too cause when i get back he'll be around the age of starting to recognize people so it should be about perfect. even if i've already lost clara cause she's a little punk. i can just picture her holding little charry and being so defensive. you'll have to send me a picture of those two.

well in other news of the week, we have a baptism coming up!! claver is getting baptized the 2 June! so that is way exciting. we're excited for him and happy to have been able to seen him finally get to business. it was reallly cool to see him and all the progress he has made. we started teaching him about 4 months ago, when we first got into villeneuve d'ascq, and we've gotten to make the whole journey with him. that was soo cool to see. you don't get the chance to see people go from start to finish very often. at first he was kinda flakey and didn't really make the effort by himself, but now he comes to church on his own, if he needs a ride, he calls up the bishop to ask for one, and he just really does his part now. it's true that he probably won't be the next bishop anytime soon, but at least he will come. so we are super happy for him. yesterday at church, our ward mission leader gave a lesson on baptism, and it was amazing to see how well he actually understood. there were a couple of questions that were asked that we weren't sure if he knew the answer, but he pulled out the right answer everytime. such a champion. and do you guys want to hear the best part about this whole thing? claver will be baptized the 2nd of June by none other than cedric! how cool is that?? claver told us he didn't care who did anything in his baptismal program, all that matters is that it gets done haha, so we got cedric to do it. so that it going to be soo cool for both of them. claver getting baptized, and cedric getting to do his first baptism! we just feel so blessed to have been able to be here for so long and to see so much progress. i love this place. we have seen so much progress with our ward and so much progress with our amis and just everything. it's just great. i don't ever want to leave. which means that i'm out of here next transfer haha.

so also this week coming up on wednesday, we have a zone conference with elder texiera from the 70! so that should be a cool experience to get to learn from him. and you want to hear the most intense part? elder texiera is going to have personal interviews with a couple of missionaries after the conference, and the other day i got a call from the assistance telling me that i am going to have the chance to have a personal interview with a general authority... crazy huh? so that should be all sorts of cool. not the opportunity that you get all that often.

also, another exciting experience for the week, we had a nice visit from president poznanski and his wife in district meeting the other day. they are going around visiting a bunch of the mission, and they passed by our area, they came on wednesday night and stayed for our ward council, and then the next day they came to our district meeting. so that was cool to have a little mini training from president and his wife.

so voilĂ , honestly everything is just going perfect over here. we're loving life and i really got to thinking about life the other day, and what i can do to be a better missionary, and i really realized the importance of looking back on life and really evaluating, but with someone else to talk to. i'm not really someone that will talk about deep stuff with people or stuff that really matters, i usually just talk about random stuff to change the subject away from it, so i don't have to be serious. but me and elder andrus had a good talk the other day. i feel lucky to have such a good companion and hopefully i'll be that good of a missionary one day.

anyway, that's life! thanks for the package family! did you try the hichews before you sent them? and if so did you love them? they are for sure my favorites. thanks again! hope everything is going just peach.

gros bisous!

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