Monday, June 4, 2012

la vie est belle


well, life is good here in villeneuve d'ascq. this weekend was just great, we got to see the baptism of claver finally! it was a cool experience and it was way cool to see cedric baptize him. also, at the end, claver bore his testimony, and it was probably the best thing ever. he had a couple of friends that we there, and he just destroyed them haha. he talked a lot about being a christian, but not practicing. cause here in france, there are like a million. and he has asked us a lot lately about it, and he has a bunch of friends who believe and everything but don't want to be baptized because they know that it means responsibility. so claver just got up for his testimony and put them in their place haha. it was soo good. he talked about how being a non practicing christian is like being a cook and never cooking. or being a pilot and having never flown a plane before. the whole point of believing that God is there is to do something about it. it doesn't do anything for us if God is there and we don't act on that belief. we talk a lot about this in contacts too. anyway, so that was way good and he got the holy ghost yesterday, and it was just a whole great experience.

 second miracle of the week. well, about a week ago now, we met a kid who's name was gregory. we were contacting in a city called tourcoing, and we ran into him and after a little, we asked if he would have 15 minutes to sit down and let us explain a little what we believe. so he said yeah and we sat down and taught him a little piece of the restoration, and gave him the book of mormon as the proof and to start reading, and set another rdv for a couple of days later. he told us he didn't have a cell phone though and all he had was an email address, so we were kind of pooped. usually if they only give you an email address, that means that they aren't interested. but we sent him an email the day before to remind him, and then showed up for our rdv. he showed up right on time and so we had another great lesson. we taught him about prayer and what it really is and how god is really our father in heaven. it was a really good lesson, and at the end, we gave him a soft invite to baptism. we told him that there would be a service of batism the 30th and asked if he would want to prepare for that. he said he'll think about it and so we told him to start reading from the beginning of the bom. we had a rdv with him 2 days later, and he had already read the first 40 pages of the book and he said he really liked it. so we taught him our lesson, and then at the end, we asked about baptism again, and he said that he had decided to do it. so we set a date for him for the 30th of june! and then the next day was claver's baptism, and he showed up right on time and had a good time and told us he was ready for his. and then he came to church the next day and just loved it. during priesthood, they asked him to introduce himself, so he stood up, said his name, and said that he was really happy to be here and to have met the missionaries, and that he was getting baptized the 30th haha. it was so cool. he's such a cool kid. he's 23. also, with him, we have been thinking a little about moving up his date because he is just so ready and prepared. and then today, president told us on the conference call to all the zone leaders that we didn't have any baptisms planned for this weekend, and he told us that there is someone who is ready to be baptized this weekend, and that we needed to find him. and we think that we might have found him. so we might be moving up his baptism to next weekend...! it's really quick, but we trust president and so we are going to talk to gregory about it and see what he thinks. so it's possible that we might have a baptism this weekend too. but we will see. if not, soon. cause he's a star.

in other news, we had our conference this week with elder teixeira. so that was way good. we had a way good conference and just got pumped to go out and talk to people. the interview after, he was really really rushed, so it was kinda just a how's your family and tell them i say hi. nothing too exciting haha. so there you go. hi from elder teixeira of portugal. well, that's life here. everything is going great.

i'm sad to here about sugar, but i guess that's how it goes. we had too good of a week out here so i guess i took some of the good week that you deserved. thanks for lending me that ha. you're all great and i love you.

hugs and kisses

Elder Matthew Meyers
7 rue Blanche apt 34
Lille 59000
La France

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