Monday, June 25, 2012

week 1 in CAEN!!

herro! well, i hope everyone is doing well and that life is going just peachy. here in caen, everything is just great. we're continually trooping along and everything is going well. this week, we had the best week that caen has had in forever. so the story about caen. well, first off, about normandie. so normandie, there is this attitude about it that "oh people from normandie are all rude and you''re going to have a hard time there". so at first as i was coming here that is what everyone was telling me. but honestly, that's just dumb. all that is is a lack of faith. so anyway, up until just recently, there have been next to no lessons taught in caen. they would average 2 or 3 a week maybe. then, last transfer, the two that were here finally caught the vision. they started exercising faith and believing that things could happen, even here in caen, and they started teaching lesson. they started teaching, and they started finding. so when i got here, it started on the uprising. they were at the beginning of a change. and now i'm here and i'm going to keep this change going and just completely evolve the work here. that's my goal. so now all that i have to do is do it.

so annnnnnyway. caen is a beautiful city. it's not the biggest one, but it's big enough. it's just a typical french city. normandie is supposedly typical french, so i'm getting a taste of the real france. so it's nice, i like it. also, there's a whole ton of history out here. we are going to have to plan some trips on p days to go see some stuff. in our area, we have none other than utah and omaha beach. aka the d day beaches. where they landed on d day. so that's pretty exciting, and one day we'll have to go out and see it. also, in our area, we have mont st michel which is supposedly super pretty and cool. so one day we're be going out there too. the problem is that we never have time anymore haha. we get to teach lessons on p day, today we have 3, so that leaves us with little time for sight seeing. but tant mieux. i'd way rather be teaching people.

the ward here. welll, ca va quoi. they're good and we have some good members. it's true that after serving in v dascq, i don't think i'll ever have a ward that is that good again, but this one is good. there's a lot of work to be done and a lot of things to get worked out with them, but overall, it's pas mal. our bishop is an interesting character, so that'll be interesting to be working with him, but hopefully we'll be able to gain their trust. we're working on it in any case. any ideas as to what we can do to earn it? the missionaries in the past weren't always the best missionaries and not the best workers, and kinda just baptised whoever, even if they were'n't ready or sane ha.... so any suggestions would be cool.

as to my companion, he's a cool kid. elder Dick from oxford england. he's got a cute little english accent so that's always exciting. something to keep me on my toes during the day. except we speak only french during the day so i never get to hear it haha. bummer. but he's a good missionary. we're doing some good work out here. he's a theater kid, so he's a super good singer and wants to study theater when he grows up, so that's fun. so voila elder dick.

as to other things, my address is now there en bas so t'inquiete pas. amis also, we're currently building up our teaching pool. new amis this week are: aniko, a girl from hungary in here 20s. she's a super happy person and really open and nice, ready to find god :). arnaud, we had a really intense experience finding this guy. we were contacting in the street, and i end up contacting this guy. we start talking to him, and he just breaks down and starts crying in the road. he said that he's being "doing a work on himself for a year" i don't know how to say that in english anymore.... i mean he has been really reflecting and trying to figure out himself, i don't know if there is an expression in english, but whatever. so anyway, he's been doing that, and we told him that god could help him, and he is now convinced of the existance of god because of these occurances. so he's good. we're teaching him along. saeed - he's special. i don't think we are going to keep teaching him. he's from iran and he's just an interesting person.

so yeah, the work is going well here, life is good, everything is just peachy! hope that life in the states isn't terribly too boring! love you all and have a good week!

Elder Matthew Meyers
1 rue de la Délivrande
14000 Caen
La France

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