Monday, July 2, 2012


well, life here in caen is good. life goes on and i think i finally figured out what to do here. so i was talking a lot about the ward last time, but i've decided that if we can get the missionary work going here in caen, the members will come with it. so for sure we're going to do everything we should with the ward, but i'm not going to stress it. the thing is that there has never really been anything exciting going on here in caen as to missionary work. so now we're really going to change that, and make it completely explode. i think that once the ward sees people coming to church and people getting baptized, they're going to realize that they have to help and they are going to have the desire to help. so we're just going to pick out a couple of people to help teach with us and then go from there. good things are going to be happening here. hoorah. also, lesson i've learned. there are no bad areas. of course, everyone always says that, but i really realized what that means now. honestly, i'm convinced that no matter where you go in this mission there are people to be found. all that you have to do is to work hard, and you can get a ville back on track with missionary work as long as you're willing to make the effort. so here we go :)

well this week has been crazy. we've been traveling all over our area and just going crazy. we had to go visit every district meeting and we presented our little training thing so that was good. hopefully it helped them, i never know with these things. we'll see. as to other things, we went to le havre for exchanges too this last weedend and that was good. they are really down out there and have lost a whole ton of faith, and the work is slow, so we went out there to give it a little boost. our boost went well, on our exchange we found a couple new amis and did some good stuff, so hopefully they're keep excited. we'll see. also, we had exchanges with the APs this week too. it was so fun. i went with elder gubbay, and he is such a cool kid. he's a french kid that grew up in spain and did his studies in england. he's just a superstar. he left his reallllllly successful job before the mission to come out and serve. him and his brother who is a year older than him. and they both got called to go to france chinese speaking. one to paris and one to lyon haha. and guess what? they are both APs now in both missions haha. funny funny. anyway, so i went to versailles with him, and it was great. we honestly just pushed to as hard as we could. one day we're going to convince president to put me him and elder andrus together and we'll rain havock haha. funny part about it was that we ended up doing a 48 hour exchange. we didn't end up having enough time to switch back, so instead i stayed another day haha. 3rd day away from home cause we came straight from le havre. but it was sweet. i went to church up there and it was good. we went crazy trying to get amis at church, and it worked. we were making calls all day they day before trying to get members who could pick them up and then yada yada. so we had a bunch of difficulties, but finally in the end it all worked out and we had 4 amis at church. stellar. so that was great. good experience.

well, as you probably all know, i hit my year mark this last week. ew huh? also, i got a letter from myself that i wrote in the mtc, that my mtc teacher sent off, and it was actually super good. i had a lot of good stuff to say. so maybe i actually do know what i'm doing cause i had a lot of good words of advice haha. i also casséd myself pretty well too haha. well voilà, i haven't really been home much in my ville this week, but things are going pretty well here in caen too. on the sad side, arnaud dropped us. he heard a bunch of bad stuff about mormons from some friends so he dropped us. you could tell he was doubting his decision when he told us at our last lesson, but he had already decided in his head. silly people. it's good though, we'll find other people.

alors voilà quoi. that's life. hope everything is going well out there! oh and yes, i do still love hichews. they are heaven. especially the peach and melon ones :) as to other stuff for a package, i'm not sure... i'll get back to you if i think of anything. maybe some more pens. colorful ones haha. i still ahve a pen fetish. well, i love you and hope you have a great week! bisous!

Elder Matthew Meyers
1 rue de la Délivrande
14000 Caen
La France

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