Monday, July 16, 2012

already week 5

i swear that my subject lines have to be getting more and more boring. maybe i'll just start dating them. that'll be easy. meh.

well bonjour! how are you?? life here is caen is going. we're working along nicely, and everything is pretty good. it sounds like you guys had a fun time at the family reunion. that honestly is one thing that i've realized that i really miss out on my mission. family gatherings. i really do feel really blessed to be a part of a family where we don't have any problems, where everyone gets along, and everyone is strong in the church. on the other hand, i really makes it hard to relate to some of the people out here. i've just had a fairy tail life, all just roses, no problems, a perfect family, and i get to try and help these people work through their problems, when in reality, i don't really know how they feel at all. i guess that's one of the blessings of the gospel eh? so thanks for being so great eh? hugs and kisses to everyone.

anyways, everything in caen is going pretty well. the ward has its problems, and their far from a perfect ward, and they have all had a lot of problems with the bishop, but we're trying to work around it. we're starting about from scratch as to missionary work out here, cause we don't have any more amis. we either got dropped, or we decided to drop them. a couple of the newer ones dropped us because they found out we were mormons, and mormons have a terrrrrrrrrrible name out here cause there is all sorts of bogus stuff on the tv about them, and them some just dropped us cause they weren't ready to change. and it's kinda good, cause we've been really bold with them, and told them how it is, so then we don't have to waste a lot of time beating around the bush teaching someone who isn't going to progress, but at the same time, it's always sad to see amis go. mais bon c'est la vie. so we'll have a nice week of finding ahead of us. in other news, we also have interviews this week with president. so that'll be good. it's always good to talk with him. also, we'll have to do a training during that. we get to go to paris, yet again. we make a lotttttt of trips to paris. it's where the party is i guess.

so other things that happened this week is that we had an exchange with the other elders here in caen. that's always weird to do an exchange in your same ville. but it was good. i went with elder whitecar, (whi-te-ker, not white car) and we had a lot of fun. he really helped me realize that working hard isn't everything. even if i want to set the example, i still need to love them first, or else it doesn't really work. i don't really know how to reprimand is my problem. i can either not say anything, which i learned doesn't work, or else i end up making them feel stupid for doing it. i'm good at making others feel stupid i've decided ha. not the best talent. but i'm learning. hopefully. so i learned a lot on that exchange. it was good.

well, i don't really know what else to tell about. we didn't have too many exciting things happen this week, just some finding and getting dropped. mais ça ira. so bon. hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the hot weather! it's raining up here so meh. at least i got a nice new super small pocket umbrella, so i don't have to just take it :) well, love you all!

Elder Matthew Meyers
1 rue de la Délivrande
14000 Caen
La France

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