Monday, July 23, 2012

bonjour à tous!


well, this week was really good. we saw a lot of cool things. we really did have a week with a bunch of miracles. first off, this week, we did with the zone, a day of consecrated finding. so we set this day apart by not fixing any rdvs for that day and we all had a fast the day before, and then we just went wild with our finding. that whole day we just did contacting and porting and everything you can think of. it was great. we had a really big miracle when we did this though so i'll tell it to you. so us in caen, the 14th of july (bastille day for any of you who know french history) last saturday, we were out contacting. so we were talking with everyone and whatnot, and we had a really good contact with this couple. we talked with them for a couple of minutes, and the guy was really interested. so we asked him if we could talk another time, and he told us that he didn't have a phone, so we could give him our number and he would find a way to contact us when he could. so we kinda were bummed by that, cause usually when people ask for your number and don't have a phone, that means that they are just too nice to say that they're not interested and then they never call you, but we gave him our number and our card anyway and told him to call us when he had a chance. so this was the 14th. Then, the 18th was our consecrated finding day. so we go out the 18th and are finding finding finding, and we end up going out a little further away from centreville than usual, and we talk to this kid, and we get to teach him a little 15 minute lesson there, but in the end he wasn't really interested. so we go on and as we are walking along, who do we run into? Fady, the guy we contacted the 14th. he told us that he has thought a lot about what we said and he even went to the internet site and was really impressed and really wanted to learn more (which is already a really good sign because usually when people see the word mormon they drop us like a hot potato). then he pulls out of his pocket a cell phone. he tells us that he went out and bought a cell phone so that he could call us, but it didn't work to make calls yet, only to recieve them. so he gives us his number and he fixes a rdv for the next day. so already, that was just amazing, to have seen him again that day, but then the next day, during our rdv, it was even better. he is a great guy and he went and looked up like everything about the church, he knows about missionaries and how we have a really strict schedule and he knows about all sorts of random stuff, and he is really open to learn more and to really make the effort. he tried to get a book of mormon already, but he found a couple of different translations (they have an old translation in french) and he didn't know which one to get, so we ended up being able to give him one and we set a rdv for tomorrow with him. so he is just amazing and we're really excited to teach him. there really are people being prepared.

another cool experience we had was the other day when we were doing tram contacting. i started talking to this kid, and he said that he know about the church and he is kinda believing and he has some friends that took him to the church with him a couple of times. so when he was saying all of this, i was thinking that by "the church" he meant the catholic church. so i end up asked him if we can talk with him another day, and he says sure, so we fix a rdv, and then at the rdv, we find out that "the church" he was talking about really was our church. he used to come every so often to church and his uncle is a member in paris and his sister is also a member. so we talked to him a little and he already knows like everything about the church. now we're just going to help him get his testimony of it. but it was so funny to realize that this kid actually had family that was members and he was talking about our church. that doesn't happen very often. good times.

well, that's life here in caen. everything is going well and things are finally starting to look up here. we are finally getting things rolling here. now we just have to pray that they stay this way. and work hard so that they do. alors voilà. hope everything is going well back on the homefront. have a nice week! love you

Elder Matthew Meyers
1 rue de la Délivrande
14000 Caen
La France

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