Monday, July 9, 2012


bonjour tout le monde!
i don't really know what to write about this week. it's been a good week, about average. nothing to exciting to talk about. this week we had mission council, and we just got scolded nicely. me personally got scolded nicely haha. so we've completely changed how we're doing stuff here in caen :) number one, we now eat dinner. we used to do studies and then eat lunch right after so that we could be the most effective with our time, but now, on presidents orders, we are sticking to the white handbook schedule more closely. so we go out in the mornings, come home at 12ish, and then eat at 5. mandatory. we used to eat right after studies and then go out and work until 9 o clock when we had to come home, then we would make dinner then and go to sleep. but soeur poznanski told us otherwise ha. so that was a nice little scold about how we were not being healthy. then after that, the leap frog contact got vetoed (i don't think that's a word..... what is the word that means that the president decides he doesn't agree with a new bill in legislation?) no more leap froging so as to stay closer to your companion and such. so now we are much more obedient :) it's weird having dinner time now though and having time at night to relax. it feels weird cause i've been going really hard and now being forced to slow down is an interesting feeling. the lesson that i really learned though is how in those times where we have a little bit of extra time, we have to really keep focused on missionary work. it's not just do whatever time. i've really learned how to use this time effectively and get some more studies in and it's been good. i know that in following these things that i'm getting blessed, and the first blessing that i'm seeing is my testimony of the book of mormon increase. i honestly have developed an obsession with that book. any free moment that i have i use reading it. i'm so close to being done and it's such a great book and i just have this huge desire to read it all the time, especially so i can finish it so i can start again in french. i also got a student manual for it and i'm using that too, and it has a lot of interesting insights and i'm just having a joly ol feast of this book haha. it's great.

in other news out here, not much to say. we found a new ami named ashley this week who is actually half french half canadian. her dad is from the english speaking part of canada, and she has a really subtile english accent when she speaks french from her dad haha. but she's good. we are going to teach her tonight for the second time and we'll see how that goes.

other than that, everything is good. i don't really have a lot to report this week and nothing too special to say, so i hope that everyone is having just a dandy day and enjoying the nice weather there. it rains here haha. i win. i love you!

Elder Matthew Meyers
1 rue de la Délivrande
14000 Caen
La France

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