Monday, July 30, 2012


well, it was transfer weekend this last weekend, and there's a couple of changes going on! things are changing up here in caen. so first off, i'm staying here in caen. but, elder dick is going! he's heading out to nantes. also, we used to have 4 missionaries here in caen, but this transfer, they canceled the other equipe, so we are only going to have 2 missionaries. which isn't that bad of a thing seeing as there wasn't really enough work for both equipes so the other equipe ended up doing not very much last transfer. so that'll be exciting taking over the two of them. then also, my new companion is elder johnson. he's a BIG guy. he's a good missionary though and we're going to do some good stuff out here. it'll be nice for a little change and i'll think we'll be able to do some really good work. finally be able to see caen take off. so that'll be good. he's coming from Rennes in Bretagne. they were on fire out there, so hopefully he'll bring some of that out here.

so other than transfers, there wasn't too many exciting things that happened this week. we had a couple of lessons, we had a couple of our amis fall off the face of the earth, and yeah. fady, our miracle sweet ami is still around, although he left today for vacation, so he'll be gone for a week in spain. other than that, we didn't see much happen this week. it's crazy that this transfer is already over and that things are changing up again. time passes so fast. oh oh also, another thing that is pretty exciting, my family is being expanded a lot this transfer! haha elder coleman is going to be training again, so i'm going to have a brother, and then elder andrus is training too! so i'm going to have a grandson! and what's more, elder andrus is in my zone, and he's a district leader, so i'm going to be able to do exchanges with him and his son. so i'm pretty excited about that.

hmm what else happened.... this week on sunday elder dick did a musical number in church, and it was amazing. i'm proud to say that i contributed by turning the pages of his accompaniment. (i'm not sure if that's a word....) maybe i meant to say accompaniest? not sure. anyway, so that was amazing. he really is an unreal singer. he's so good. one day he's going to be famous and i'm going to be able to say that i served with him. the ward is also really sad that he's going. he's a really dynamic person. he's in theater so that explains it, but hopefully we'll be able to keep the love of the ward still. it's interesting because you really have to find the balance with the ward. because you have to become their friend, but you can't just go over and hang out with them (like a tonnnnnnn of missionaries have done in this ward). the problem with this ward is that they are so used to that, and so when they get a missionary who decides to work instead of go play with them, they don't really understand ya know? mais bon. we'll see what we can do. ça ira.

so i'll just close with a little miracle that i saw this week. so it was friday, and we were out porting. knocking doors. but what you have to understand, is that here in france, during july and august, during the vacance period, no one is home. everyone goes on vacation. it's just how they do it in france. so we were out porting in louvigny, and we are going along, we do a whole neighborhood, probably about 20 houses, and there were 2 people home out of all of them. so we decide that this is kinda useless to continue, and so we start thinking about other things that we could be doing to be effective. as we are thinking, we remember that we have an old ami, a family that had gone on vacation about a month ago that probably wouldn't be home, but we decided to try anyway. so we went over there, knocked on the door, and they were home! they let us in and we got to talk for awhile, and then we even ended up getting to teach! it turns out that they had gotten home last night, and it was pretty much perfect timing for us to come over. we had not planned at all for this lesson, so we were really just following the spirit, and it was so cool to see where it took us. we ended up talking about the plan of salvation and we opened the scriptures to read 2 nephi 2. it was a good lesson, but the part that was the best about it, is that today in personal studies, i'm reading the book of mormon, and i restarted it in french since i finished in english, and guess what i read that day? 2 nephi 2. so i was just completely prepared for that lesson without even knowing it. because i didn't even think about studies until after we started teaching and until after we brought up 2 nephi 2. so it was just cool to see that number one, they were there at their house, just recently too, and then after to see how prepared i had been to teach them. this is obviously the lord's work.

well, that's about it for the week. hope everything is going great for all you guys! have a good week! love you!

Elder Matthew Meyers
1 rue de la Délivrande
14000 Caen
La France

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