Monday, August 6, 2012


hey there family!

how is everyone doing? here in caen, everything is going just peachy. i finally got my new companion, so that's a bonus. haha story: so transfers come around, wednesday. we put all of the missionary on the train who are going to paris for transfers, and me and elder anderson stay in caen and do some work as we wait for our new companions to come. my companion comes at 12:03, and his gets in at 12:07. so it's like perfect. we do some work, we got home and prepare lunch for both of our equipes so that we can hit the ground running, and then we go to the gare (station) to pick up our new companions. so elder johnson is coming from rennes, so there is actually a train from rennes to caen, so he took that one, and elder shumway, elder anderson's companion is coming from paris. so we go to the gare and we go out to the platform where the train is coming in at. we wait a little, and after a bit, the train rolls up. so it rolls up, the door opens, and people start pilling out of it. we are just sitting there anxiously for him, to help him with his bags and everything, and then the stream of people gets less and less thick. so we keep waiting, it's normal that he would wait til the end seeing that he probably has a ton of huge baggage. so we wait a little more, and it finally gets to the end, and he doesn't come out. so we walk inside and look around, and there is no one there. completely empty. so we were kinda perplexed. so finally i pull out the phone and call him up to see where he is, and he answers, and i ask him what he's doing, if he's coming and everything, and as it turns out, he's in the hospital getting tests done! a couple of months ago, he was in the hospital because his gal bladder died and he had to get it taken out, and he was all better, but he was back there again, this time because he has a bacterial infection or something. so we were there waiting at the gare for him to show up, but as it turns out, he was sick in the hospital. and no one had told me haha. so i end up deciding to go to cherbourg for the night with the other missionaries, and then the next day i got on a train all alone to go to paris for mission council. i went to the meeting with all of the other zone leaders, and then at the end, i ended up going with the zone leaders of rennes back home with them to pick up my companion in rennes. then the next day we hopped on a train and got home to caen finally. so it's been kinda a hectic week, but it's been good and everything is going fine now. elder johnson is doing a lot better and he should be up to great pretty soon, so no worries there, and caen is doing well. as to amis, most of them are on vacation at the moment. we still have jordan, i'm not sure if i told you about him yet, but he's a good kid of 19 years of age who is super good. we're probably going to invite him to be baptized pretty soon here. today we had a rdv with him and he brought one of his friends, and we had just a stellar time together. it was good. so voilĂ  quoi.

as to other things that happened this week, nothing too exciting. transfers, but that's about it. elder johnson background if you would like, he's from orem utah, about 6'6" about 250 pounds and he's a good kid. if he wants, he could probably eat me, but hopefully he will resist. if not, meh. one less missionary to worry about. we get along well and we're having a good time here in caen alors alls well that ends well. (i don't really remember what that saying is supposed to mean, and i doubt that it works in that situation, but it sounded good. anyway.....) yeah on second thought that doesn't work at all. mais bon. well, we have 4 rdvs that we have to teach today, so we're kinda rushed and trying to get everything done. love you all and hope you guys have a great week! bisous!

-- Elder Matthew Meyers
1 rue de la DĂ©livrande
14000 Caen
La France

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