Monday, August 27, 2012

package received!

well, guess what i got this week? yup, it does say that in the subject line, but i finally got the package you sent! i'll tell you the story. so i come home one night from paris cause we were there for a meeting, and i look in the mailbox, and there she is! the package. i was kinda wondering if it was ever going to show up, but hooray. so i pick it up, and it feels unusually light for some reason. so i kinda just figure there isn't very much in it. then as i am walking up the stairs, i hear things banging around in it. but i didn't think much of it, i just figured you maybe didn't have another box so you sent this one. so anyway, we get upstairs, and i set the package down on the couch so that we can plan. so we do our planning, get dinner ready, and then i get around to opening my package. so i start opening it, and it's super hard to open. for some reason, there is some tape all over it that says "la poste a renforcé votre colis" which means that the post has reinforced the package. so finally i get it open, and i open it up and there sitting on the bottom of it are 4 pens, 3 pills, and a letter. haha i was so confused. then i looked at the front and it said that there should've been candy and journals and such, but no cigar there. haha so finally, i put two and two together, and as it turns out, someone at the post or someone else had stolen all the stuff in my package haha. except for the pens and a couple pills. oh also, there was a sticky note too. haha exciting huh? that poor person who took everything. cause we were talking about it, and we decided that stealing a missionary's package is way worse than any of the ten commandments. haha but yeah, so i got it at least right. right.

so as to other things happening, this week was good. we had a leadership training on tuesday, and that was good. right after that, we did some exchanges with the elders in the office, and we got to eat lunch with one of the people that elder argyle (the elder that i was on exchanges with) baptized when he was in nantes, cause she is originally from caen. so we ate with her and her boyfriend, who had just got baptized in japan cause he was out there doing his studies. but these two are so great. it honestly just makes me want to work so hard to find people who are like that. she honestly worships elder argyle. i don't think we really realize how much we change these people's lives. how much we do for them. and how grateful they are for it. also this week, i got a letter for guess who?? gregory from villeneuve d'ascq! it was by far the best letter that i have ever gotten. he told me all about his baptism and how he gave up a book of mormon the day of right before it, and just how well he is doing. he is so great. honestly i love that kid so much. i feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of that life changing experience of his. he is so great. honestly i have never enjoyed a letter more than that one.

other events this week, steve is going well still. he still doesn't quite get it, so we're still helping him along. also, this other nigerian that we are teaching, we just fixed a date for him too! it's for the 29th of september. his name is stanley. so we're stoked about that. things are really looking up and university students are finally getting back and flooding the streets, so it's just dandy. life is good out here. on the down side, jordan and sebastien dropped us... jordan's mom said that he couldn't see us anymore.... so that was a bummer. but life goes on. everything happens for a reason right.

well, that's life here in caen. everything is going just great and we're nearing the end of the transfer and not quite ready for it. i hope i get to stay. i should, but we'll see. so voilà! love you all and hope everything is going well! au revoir!

Elder Matthew Meyers
1 rue de la Délivrande
14000 Caen
La France

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