Monday, August 20, 2012


hi everyone!!
so i do not have much time at all today, so i'm just going to write a little bit real quick, and then i'll write you a letter sometime this week on a train okay? cool. well, this week was really good. we saw so many cool things and just saw miracles left and right. to give you a little idea, this week, we taught 10 lessons in the presence of a member! that's a lot! so that was really amazing to be a part of. it was really great and it helped in so many different areas to be able to teach with them. number one, it helps the amis get integrated faster. it gives them a friend right off the bat and also give them someone who in french to relate too. second, it helps them come to church too because they already have that friend that i just spoke of. third, it helps us teach the lesson. even though sometimes they like to go off on their own thing, it usually isn't too bad. fourth, it just helps us get to know the members better and really learn to love them. i can tell you that these last couple of weeks where we have been really trying to teach with members has increased my love for them so much. i am really learning to love this ward, and to love all the members of it. Caen is a killer place. as to all of our amis, they are all doing pretty well. steve is kind of an interesting case, we're going to see if we follow through with him... he really wants to get baptized, but he doesn't really understand... so we're really going to try to help him understand and hopefully get him ready for his date, but we might have to push it back. we'll see. he's a good guy in any case. as for our others, fady just got back from vacance and he said he would call us this week, so we're really excited about that. jordan and sebastien have both talked to their parents (sebastien has for real, and jordan has at least hinted at it and he takes that for a talking to them haha) but they are both going to come to church next week, so we're really excited for that. those two are really just great. funny kids. jordan is so shy and sebastien is such a talker. as to other people, we have fransisco, who is an old ami that we got in contact with again who is actually brazilian. he has a church here though and his wife is really against mormons, but i think that he is finally ready to make some efforts. he pretty much told us the last time that he knows it's true. so now we just have to get him to make the step. he's good though. he's having a lot of family problems though and stuff and he is going through a divorce with his wife, and stuff but he's taking it well. he's a really good guy. so yeah, that's everything for now. hope everything is good chez vous and that you aren't having too much fun without me. cause i'm having too much fun without you haha. jokes. but yeah, love you! expect a letter soon!

Elder Matthew Meyers
1 rue de la Délivrande
14000 Caen
La France

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